Looks like the forever-in-development film adaptation of Uncharted has finally cast it’s Nathan Drake. Spider-Man: Homecoming star, Tom Holland, will be taking on the role for the film that’s set to take place in the flashback times of Uncharted 3. Drake meets his mentor Sully during that time period and this film will take place at that time.

Nothing against Holland, but the more I think about that time period, I don’t really care to see that film. I’m more than happy seeing it in a flashback as they did in the game, but to go from that aged Drake to who he is in the games would take at least 10 years. Holland is playing a teenager in Spider-Man and it’s not likely he’ll ever reach Drake’s age anytime soon. Plus, this means that Joe Carnahan’s insane script is being thrown out the window.

Big “thanks” goes out to Sony for another stupid idea to ruin yet another franchise just like they are with this Venom spinoff. Keep up the great work of meticulously destroying your film studio and pissing into the faces of the fans of their beloved franchises.

Thanks to IGN for the scoop.