Catherine landed in the middle of the intersection. Cars whizzed past her, but she was unafraid. Her only concern was of the safety of the woman who had just flipped her car and was now laying unconscious in the driver’s seat. She could feel the gusts of wind through her costume. There was always a very reasonable fear that a strong gust may lift the domino mask off her face, revealing her identity to anyone. She had considered changing it, but it had become a whole thing, what with branding and her image. Reaching into the car, she gently moved the woman, who appeared to only have surface level injuries. As she pulled her out of the car and flew to a nearby field to lay her down, she noticed that the woman looked familiar. It infuriated her.


Paradiso #1 (Image)

Ram V. (W) Dev Pramanik (A)

Insane new sci-fi story! Count me in.

Justice League #34 (DC)

Christopher Priest (W) Pete Woods (A)

Obviously not a number one, but it’s an entirely new team and I’m very interested in it. The last team kinda left a bad taste in my mouth.

Avengers #674 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Jesus Saiz (A)

Still not sure how I feel about this whole crossover so far. I mean it isn’t bad, not really, just it isn’t really anything special either. You know how it goes, different folks, different strokes and all that jazz. Honestly, I’m nervous to see how the next WEEKLY arc goes. You know how I love those.

Black Bolt #8 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Christian Ward (A)

New arc for Black Bolt. Hopefully they can keep the momentum of the first arc. It was really fun and I can’t not love Ward’s art. I mean look at that. Gorgeous.

Hawkeye #13 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Leonardo Romero (A)

HAWKEYES GO! Or some other battle cry. Anyway, the other Hawkeye is in town and he probably has some sad sap crap to go around. That’s Clint for you.

Iron Fist #75 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Mike Perkins (A)

The first issue of this arc was pretty fun. I dig the dynamic between these two characters.

Astonishing X-Men #6 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Michael Del Mundo (A)

This series has been solid all the way through. The only way they could make it better was if they had one of my favorite artists jump on for an issue. Oh wait.

No. 1 With a Bullet #2 (Image)

Jacob Semahn (W) Jorge Corona (A)

The first issue of this comic has a very intense theme. I am excited to see where they go with it. Very modern, very hip, another out of touch saying people use to explain contemporary art.

Batman: White Knight #3 (of 8) (DC)

Sean Murphy (W/A)

I dig this series for the most part, that being said, there are some things about the concept that I think don’t hit the mark. That’s fine though because look at the art.

Doctor Strange #382 (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Gabriel Hernandez Walta (A)

Donny knows how to pump up his issues. Apparently there is a huge decision at the end of this issue that “will shake the Marvel U to its core”. We’ll see about that Mr. Cates! Anyway this series is good and you should read it.

Green Arrow #35 (DC)

Benjamin Percy (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)

Happy that Ferreyra is back on this book. There is something sinister about his art that really works with this book.

The Fix #10 (Image)

Nick Spencer (W) Steve Lieber (A)

So after starting the arc, its been six months since the first issue. I hate when that happens. It’s fine, I’m just glad its back now. Something tells me Spencer was preoccupied with something. Who knows what?

Paper Girls #18 (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan (W) Cliff Chiang (A)

I KNOW EVERYTHING NOW! Well, within reason. I have not ascended to the ethereal plane yet, but I have figured out what the fuck is happening in this comic finally. Only took seventeen issues.

The Gravediggers Union #2 (Image)

Wes Craig (W) Toby Cypress (A)

Holy shit this book is great. It’s like Ghostbusters meets Hellboy. I feel like that’s actually a pretty good comparison. Man, I’m proud of that one.

Captain America #696 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Chris Samnee (A)

This book made me cry. Well, not this one specifically, I haven’t read this issue yet. The last one made me cry. It was real good. Read this book.

Batman #36 (DC)

Tom King (W) Clay Mann (A)




Blood rushed to her face as she recalled the woman who has skipped out on her tab earlier in the day while Catherine was waiting tables. She walked out while Catherine was in the kitchen getting another customer’s food. The food ended up coming out of her tips for the day, meaning after an eight hour day working her normal job, before another ten hour shift flying around saving ungrateful bitches like that, she only took home sixty four dollars. She dropped the unconscious woman on the grass. The woman woke with a start.

“Oh, Thank you so much Ms.Magnificent!” She spouted out of her tight lipped face.

“Save it bitch”

Catherine left a very confused, and fairly lost woman in her wake.