Samson is and will forever be dead. This is abundantly clear to him, as it has been the main truth of his existence for countless years. Samson took his life when he was thirty-four. It was something that shook those close to him to their cores. That is how death always handles the loved ones. It is indiscriminate in many ways. The essence that was once Samson regretted his decision. At the time it felt like the only thing that mattered, he was wrong.

Wyrd #1 (Dark Horse)

Curt Pires (W) Antonio Fuso (A)

All I know about this book is that it looked WEIRD! HAHAHA GET IT! Seriously though, I loved Fuso on Survival Fetish and this book piqued my interest.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror #4 (Ahoy)

Mark Rahner/Kek-W/Bryce Ingman (W) Alan Robinson/Greg Scott/Hunt Emerson/Lee Carter (A)

This book has an aggressive aura. It’s all fun and games until the undead corpse of Edgar Allen Poe cries in his crypt.

Justice League Annual #1 (DC)

Scott Snyder/James Tynion IV (W) Daniel Sampere/ Juan Albarran (A)

So I can’t even begin to explain how fucking wild the synopsis for this issue is. They are going full Morrison and I cannot wait. Honestly, I’m glad we’re getting anything after that last couple issues. I didn’t know major plot points could be delivered so boringly.

Justice League Odyssey #5 (DC)

Joshua Williamson (W) Carmine Di Giandomenico (A)

A fight to the death! The boy who’s all weird about Christ and the girl who is afraid to leave her house but is a superhero fight some robots or something. I’m all in.

Books of Magic #4 (Vertigo)

Kat Howard (W) Tom Fowler (A)

I feel like this book is cresting on a massive wave of depression. Soon things will get dark and bad stuff will happen to the people you like. Just a shot in the dark.

Exiles #12 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Javier Rodriguez (A)

The last issue of this series. I wasn’t always a big fan of this series, but unfortunately, towards the end it really hit its stride. I’m sad to see it go, but all things must end.

The Lone Ranger #4 (of 5) (Dynamite)

Mark Russell (W) Bob Q (A)

This book is just all out fun. Mark Russell is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. He has an incredible ability to write tongue in cheek, and entirely heartfelt passages back to back. It gives his work an irresistible quality, like the Fonz.

Marvel Knights 20th #6 (of 6) (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Kim Jacinto (A)

EVERYTHING CHANGES. UP IS DOWN. DOWN IS PURPLE. WORDS DON’T MEAN ANYTHING! This issue promises a lot of changes, but well see about that. I bet it’s a bluff. Not like there were months building to this.

Captain America #7 (Marvel)

Ta-Nehisi Coates (W) Adam Kubert (A)

Fuck man, the tone of this Captain America run is on par with Brubaker’s run. It’s so brutally honest and such a sincere voice behind the words. I love every minute of this book.

Dead Man Logan #3 (of 12) (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

Brisson delivers gold with every page, and lets be honest, Henderson is a master of blood and violence. This is a perfect team for this massive send off and each page drips with intrigue.

Rick and Morty VS Dungeons and Dragons #4 (of 4) (IDW)

Patrick Rothfuss/Jim Zub (W) Troy Little (A)

This book grew on me more than I ever would have expected it to. I love these two things, but I’m not really one for comics based on tv shows or the inevitable crossovers. I was on board for the talent behind this one alone, and fuck if they didn’t make me question my choices.

The Quantum Age #6 (of 6?) (Dark Horse)

Jeff Lemire (W) Wilfredo Torres (A)

I am not sure if this is officially ending, but they haven’t solicited the next issue and the solicitation for this one seems a little bit like a proper ending. Whether or not this is ending, it was an incredible ride and I cannot wait for more Black Hammer books in the future.

The Punisher #7 (Marvel)

Matthew Rosenberg (W) Szymon Kudranski (A)

An entire country for villains? Sounds like the Punisher has a lot of work to catch up on. Being held captive can do that.

Man Without Fear #5 (of 5) (Marvel)

Jed McKay (W) Danilo Beyruth (A)

I have loved this look into the psyche of Matt Murdock. I hope we see this team in control of some more properties in the near future. They’ve really knocked it out of the park.

Heroes in Crisis #5 (of 9) (DC)

Tom King (W) Clay Mann (A)

Uh, more heroes you loved die. Heroes get their dirty secrets aired, and Harley Quinn punches Superman in his dumb nose and breaks it. More at 11.

The Silencer #13 (DC)

Dan Abnett (W) Sandu Florea/V. Ken Marion (A)


Wonder Woman #63 (DC)

G. Willow Wilson (W) Emanuela Lupacchino (A)

So far this series has had some really great issues. I have absolutely loved the way that they are bringing in the Gods again. I feel like it’s been too long since we had a non-villain God in the mix for this book. Feels good.

Ms. Marvel #37 (Marvel)

G. Willow Wilson (W) Nico Leon (A)

Man, these next two issues are gonna fucking hurt. I have loved G. Willow Wilson’s run on Ms. Marvel since issue #1. It’s a certified fact. You can look into it. There are only two more issues until Saladin Ahmed takes over, and while that’s exciting on its own, it’s also a very sad ending. I’ll miss Wilson.

The Terrifics #12 (DC)

Jeff Lemire (W) Viktor Bogdanovic (A)

Nothing like fighting your evil doppelgangers. I fight mine every day when I look in the mirror. I’ll kill that bastard one day.

Detective Comics #997 (DC)

Peter J. Tomasi (W) Jaime Mendoza (A)

If that cover doesn’t get you excited than I have no choice but to stop calling you my friend. That’s it. That’s all there is to say.

Skyward #10 (Image)

Joe Henderson (W) Lee Garbett (A)

Another fantastic arc finishes up with this issue. Then comes a month long hiatus, then back in the swing of it. If you haven’t picked this book up already, I am more disappointed in you than I normally am.

West Coast Avengers #7 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Faniele Di Nicuolo (A)

Don’t you love it when an ex just pops back up in your life like everything is fine and dandy and you aren’t a complete walking tire fire of a human being? Yeah. That’s great.

The Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Marvel)

Nick Spencer (W) Chris Bachalo (A)

When you are a life saving/life changing character like J. Jonah Jameson, you may attract some unsavory characters wishing to bask in that limelight you have carefully and honestly cultivated. Sometimes those thugs try to punch you because they can’t handle the truth.

Redlands #10 (Image)

Jordie Bellaire (W) Vanesa R. Del Rey (A)

This book is gorgeous. It flows like beautiful poetry, or more aptly, like leaves floating calmly down the rivers of Louisiana. Calm, warm, and maybe a little bloody at times.

Bone Parish #6 (Boom! Studios)

Cullen Bunn (W) Jonas Scharf (A)

Euthanauts dealt with how to deal with death in a healthy, positive way. This book shows you how to not deal with death in a healthy, positive way. In a massively unhealthy, negative way in fact.

Ice Cream Man #9 (Image)

W. Maxwell Prince (W) Martin Morazzo (A)

OOOOH BOY. I am so excited to see this book back on shelves. It’s a fucking painfully original title that focuses on non-linear story telling, and abstractist plotting styles. It’s also wicked frickan spooky, yo.

Samson’s essence watched as time moved forward, without him. It was painful to see the smiles on the faces of his loved ones. Not because he envied their happiness, but because their tear stained faces had etched themselves in his mind. The idea that he could have taken those smiles from them, even for a moment, that he had forever darkened their lives. That’s what hurt. He could never take that away, so he just watched.

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