Standing in front of the box that seals in the pain of a lost friendship. A relationship lost to causal causality. He felt weird about the formal nature of the event. Jonathan wouldn’t have liked this. Sometimes it was hard to say what he really liked. His heartache was bandaged in sarcasm and cynicism. Still, he always seemed like he would be there tomorrow. As permanent as a stone, but even stones wear down to nothing. His last words to me were “I’ll see you eventually”, it was one of those moments when I thought he was kidding, like everything was a big joke I didn’t understand.

The Silencer #1 (DC)

Dan Abnett (W) John Romita Jr. (A)

Not 100% on board with this. I’m hoping the first issue can convince me otherwise.

Avengers #683 (Marvel)

Mark Waid/Al Ewing/Jim Zub (W) Paco Medina (A)

This weekly is actually pretty fucking good, I just feel obligated to put it at the top because I have to read it early so I can be ready for the beginning of the next week. I’m slow, sue me.

Eternity #4 (Valiant)

Matt Kindt (W) Trevor Hairsine (A)

Man, I think this is my last miniseries of this saga. Divinity was one of my favorite comics the year it came out. This just feels like its trying too hard to capture that flavor. Kinda breaks my heart.

Invincible Iron Man #596 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Stefano Caselli/Alex Maleev (A)

I’m glad this is once a month, but that being the case, I can’t even tell you what happened last issue. I don’t know if that’s a sign I should stop reading or not.

Tales of Suspense #101 (Marvel)

Matthew Rosenberg (W) Travel Foreman (A)

This series is great. I really love the team they put on this title. I feel like this is only going to be a mini but I can totally live with that.

Old Man Logan #34 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Ibraim Roberson (A)

This arc has one of those ideas in it that make you think “holy shit, no one thought to do that until now”. Those moments are always the best. Some stories are just meant to be told.

The Defenders #9 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) David Marquez (A)

I feel like there are only a couple more issues of this until it’s done. I thought that maybe someone else might take over for Bendis, but it’s looking less and less likely.

Detective Comics Annual #1 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Eddy Barrows (A)

Fuck. Not Basil. God dammit.

Samurai Jack: Quantum Jack #4 (IDW)

Fabian Rangel Jr. (W) Warwick J. Cadwell (A)

I’m pretty sure this was solicited before, but there was no release about it getting delayed so I thought I was losing my fucking mind. Turns out I’m not crazy. Haha.

Outcast #33 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Paul Azaceta (A)

Something big is coming again. I can feel some weird electricity in the air. Maybe now that the show has been canceled, Kirkman can start writing some mind blowingly crazy satanic shit. Not that it was holding him back, but he had to be thinking about it right? What do I know?

Jessica Jones #16 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Michael Gaydos (A)

Bendis leaving is going to affect my pulls a lot more than I thought. I wonder what team is going to be on this book next. I hope Gaydos and Mack stay. Jessica Jones just don’t look like Jessica Jones without them.

Moon Knight #191 (Marvel)

Max Bemis (W) Jacen Burrows (A)

This series has been solid out of the gate. Definitely a good jumping on point for anyone not familiar with the character. That means no excuses.

Void Trip #3 (Image)

Ryan O’Sullivan (W) Plaid Klaus (A)

This book is fun and vibrant and crazy. Everything I bought into and more.

The Realm #5 (Image)

Seth M. Peck (W) Jeremy Haun (A)

This is a great example of a new spin on a fantasy mixed with contemporary ideals. If only there were more strong examples of this kind of story.

Dark Nights: Metal #5 (DC)

Scott Snyder (W) Greg Capullo (A)

I kinda feel like the Metal hype train slowed down a bit. Maybe it’s just because there hasn’t been an issue or tie in in a while, not counting Damage. Still pumped for this though.

Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #4 (of 4) (Black Mask Studios)

Fabian Rangel Jr. (W) Alexis Ziritt (A)

Fuck yes. I have never been more ready for a book. This is a great title and you are doing yourself a phenomenal injustice not having read both volumes. Shame on you.

There were a few days before right now, where I thought I could have stopped him. Asked him to eat with me, go somewhere with me. I didn’t, and I will never forgive myself for that moment lost. Everything could have been different. I still don’t get the joke. I doubt I ever will.