It was shaping up to be a peculiar day. The first and most obvious sign of this was when the sun refused to rise. This was troubling on a lot of fronts. The first and most obvious front being that the sun failed to rise for the entire world. Meaning, in layman’s terms, that it was gone. It was also troubling because each of the major aeronautical societies across the globe received a fanciful letter done in some beautiful calligraphy addressed from the sun itself. Realizing that the sun had been sentient this whole time, and apparently able to write letters, made the whole of the scientific community distraught. If only they had known how the sun felt.

Cage! #4 of 4 (Marvel)

Genndy Tartakovsky (W) Genndy Tartakovsky (A)

I can say, sadly, that I am aware of why this may have been delayed for so long. The last issue was pretty fun and added a lot to the comic for me, but unfortunately as a whole, it just didn’t grab me. Maybe this is someone else’s cup of tea.

Archie #16 (Archie Comics)

Mark Waid (W) Joe Eisma (A)

This arc has fallen off a little for me. Not because of the story or the art really, also I suppose it has more to do with the story. My issue is the character Cheryl. I’m just not sure where they are going with her. I get that they need an antagonist, but it seems too coincidental. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Invincible Iron Man #3 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Stefano Caselli (A)

This series is great. I’m not sure if I added it to Top of the Stack before now, but that was only because I was unsure if I would continue to follow it. Now that I have made my decision, here we are. It’s definitely a series you should give a shot.

Green Arrow #15 (DC)

Ben Percy (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)

This series continues to pump out great arcs. Seriously, this is a great comic, if you aren’t reading this, what the hell are you doing. I look forward to where Percy goes and as always, huge fan of Ferreyra’s style.

Black Hammer Giant Sized Annual #1 (Dark Horse)

Jeff Lemire (W) Dustin Nguyen/ Emi Lenox/ Nate Powell/ Matt Kindt/ Ray Fawkes(A)

Look at all them talented artists. In true superhero comic fashion, it was only a matter of time before we got a GIANT SIZED ANNUAL. Sure it comes as a punch to the wallet, but I think it’s worth it.

Uncanny Inhumans #18 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Aaron Kim Jacinto (A)

Ah, yes. One of my very favoritest characters is back, taking center stage in this tie in with Inhumans Vs X-Men. Madness makes the world go round, wouldn’t you say?

Black Widow #10 (Marvel)

Chris Samnee/Mark Waid (W) Chris Samnee (A)

There is a master web weaving. This story just gets better and better as I read it. Chris Samnee is killing it all around.

Batman #15 (DC)

Tom King (W) Mitch Gerads (A)

The last issue of this comic dealt with Catwoman and Batman’s relationship with skilled hands. It was an incredible issue that will continue with this next issue. This series is even giving Snyder’s series a run for its money. That’s saying a lot.

Descender #18 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Dustin Nguyen (A)

The end of the last issue had me at the edge of my seat. It’s been a month, so I’m hoping to move back to the center of my seat, it’s been very uncomfortable.

Manifest Destiny #25 (Image)

Chris Dingess (W) Matthew Roberts (A)

IT’S BACK! If you haven’t been reading this series then I feel bad for you. This is a comic that I eagerly anticipate every time I see it on my pull list. The hiatuses couldn’t end soon enough.

Kill or Be Killed #5 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Sean Phillips (A)

As the synopsis tells me, this issue comes out the same day as the first trade. Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t caught up, take the time to fucking catch up. This is one of those comics that everyone should regret not reading.

Love had infected the hearts of scientists world wide. The sort of longing one aches over when you’ve missed out on something very important to you. In this case, it was the love of some ancient galactic body. There was also a sort of confusion at first. Not with the case at large, which to the rest of the world was impossibly baffling, but with the matter of who would be the one to win over the celestial goliath. After much international consulting, the League of Earth’s Enamored Scientists was born. Their quest, to save the world from the icy clutches of lovelessness and the icy clutches of, well, planet encompassing ice.