Boots pulled off in haste and tossed against the bottom step of a staircase. The heavy smell of cigarettes in the air. Blue light plastered across the face of Jonathan Hemple. It had been a long day. What didn’t help was the measly paycheck he had folded in the pocket of his shirt. The TV played a video of a man quietly disassembling an antique lantern, before methodically restoring and piecing it back together. It was a calming video but Jonathan was somewhere else. His mind wandering to the darker part of his life.

Defenders: The Best Defense #1 (Marvel)

Al Ewing (W) Joe Bennett (A)

This event…thing…has been fuuuuucking incredible. Honestly, this is only at the top because I’m using my #1 rule as a loophole so I can read it faster. I love what they did for this team, and honestly, I’d really love it if one the teams for these one shots got to do a limited series or ongoing for the Defenders. Bring my favorite team back.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror #3 (Ahoy!)

Tom Peyer (W) Fred Harper (A)

This book is tonally very strange. I still haven’t decided if it is my cup of tea. I mean I love the idea of a book dedicated to turning Poe into a drunken Crypt Keeper, but I’m still not 100% sold on this one.

Cold Spots #5 (of 5) (Image)

Cullen Bunn (W) Mark Torres (A)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love a good spooky book. This book is morose and melancholy and all kinds of different words that describe different levels of sadness and apathy. It may not be my favorite Bunn book, but it may be yours. Check out the trade when it comes out.

Exiles #11 (of 12) (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Javier Rodriguez (A)

I wasn’t aware that this was ending/got canceled. Turns out this is the penultimate issue. Seriously, this has been becoming a theme as of late, hasn’t it? Anyway, I think these maxi-series are probably good for the industry, so I say, keep em coming.

Justice League #14 (DC)

Scott Snyder/James Tynion IV (W) Jim Cheung (A)

This book always rides the fence for me. There are issues that really hit it home for me, but then there are issues that I think are kinda lacking. Not sure what the common thread is between the two, but I have very mixed feelings.

Pearl #5 (DC)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Michael Gaydos (A)

I don’t know if I said this but this book got turned into an ongoing. Also I understand the things that confused me a couple issues ago. It was meant to be confusing, don’t worry, I’m not that stupid.

Lucifer #3 (Vertigo)

Dan Watters (W) Max Fiumara/Sevastian Fiumara (A)

Lucifer does a great job of grabbing your attention and playing with it for the length of the issue. I love the way it does that. It’s like poetry upon the page and that makes each sentence captivating. I dig this book.

The Punisher #5 (Marvel)

Matthew Rosenberg (W) Szymon Kudranski (A)

If there is any book that should be off the wall violent and just all around insane, it’s a Punisher book and I’ll be damned if this book doesn’t do exactly what it’s supposed to.

Marvel Knights 20th #4 (of 6) (Marvel)

Donny Cates/Vita Ayala (W) Joshua Cassara (A)

I’m really loving this little series. I like the idea of bringing the heavy hitters from the original Marvel Knights runs together on some strange journey. I really hope this has repercussions, or at least a couple series that spin out of it.

Captain America #6 (Marvel)

Ta-Nehisi Coates (W) Leinil Francis Yu (A)

There is a strong somber feeling that emanates from this book and while I used to think that Captain America was a book about being positive in the face of overwhelming odds, there is something wildly familiar about that tone now a days.

Catwoman #6 (DC)

Joëlle Jones (W/A)

The end of the first arc of this incredible book is coming to a close and I am just as amazed by it as I was the first time I read it. I think they call that love.

Cover #4 (DC)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) David Mack (A)

Can I just talk briefly about how wonderfully gimmicky the variants for this series is. Starting with the last issue, the variants will feature artist portraying themselves as spies. I fucking love that idea. This book is really fun and I’m glad that it’s going to be around for a while.

Rumble #10 (Image)

John Arcudi (W) David Rubin (A)

Speaking of fun. The end of the arc is here again, and there is no word on when the next issue will be solicited. I can just say that this book has really come back with a gusto and honestly I think it’s better now than before. It aged like wine.

Thor #8 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Michael del Mundo (A)

This book continues to have the things that I need. The art is superb, the characters are fantastic, and honestly, what more do you want?

Exorsisters #3 (Image)

Ian Boothby (W) Gisele Lagace (A)

I am fucking amazed by this book. It came out of nowhere, ended up in my “skip” list and still I bought it because I was curious. It was an insanely good idea, and the more the lore unravels the better I think it’s going to get. Jump on this title.

Dead Man Logan #2 (of 12) (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

You know. I wanted to be shitty about this series, but I can’t be. Ed Brisson continues to bring the mother fucking thunder and Henderson is a talent I’ve loved for a long time, so I can’t really find much to complain about. Give me time, dammit.

Batman #61 (DC)

Tom King (W) Travis Moore (A)

King says that this issue starts an arc comprised of one shot issues. I am really excited for this arc and you should be too.

Outcast #37 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Paul Azaceta (A)

Yay. Origin story!

Runaways #16 (Marvel)

Rainbow Rowell (W) Kris Anka (A)

There is a theme with the next two books on my list. Teen group books at Marvel are fucking killing it. This book is absolutely incredible and fills me with happy.

West Coast Avengers #6 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Daniele Di Nicuolo (A)

This is the other teen book that I can’t recommend enough. I love the way that this book is framed like a reality show, and yes they reference the other reality show super hero team from the Marvel universe. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

Days of Hate #11 (of 12) (Image)

Ales Kot (W) Danijel Zezelj (A)

Man. I’m sad now. This book is coming to a close soon and it’s really one that I’ll have to revisit in a year or two. I love the way that the story is told. It’s simultaneously complex and simple. That may be what makes it so heartbreaking.

The Amazing Spider-Man #12 (Marvel)

Nick Spencer (W) Ryan Ottley (A)

Two weeks of Spider-Man?! That’s like twice the Spider-Man! Who would have thought?

Regression #14 (of 15) (Image)

Cullen Bunn (W) Danny Luckert (A)

I am really going to be sad when this book finishes up. Honestly, this book has been amazing and if you missed it, please, I beg you, pick it up in trade. I get the impression this book will be criminally overlooked.

A Walk Through Hell #6 (Aftershock)

Garth Ennis (W) Goran Sudzuka (A)

After five issues, I can say that this title is the most perfect title of any book I’ve ever read. At first I was a little curious, but now I get it. Part of me wishes I didn’t get it, but not the important part. This comic is a fever dream.

Gideon Falls #9 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Andrea Sorrentino (A)

It seems I’m into spooky comics, that or the market is saturated with fantastic horror comics. Either way, this book is the strange creeping horror I love. If you like films like Hereditary, this may be the comic for you.

A colleague contacted him today. Not a colleague from his new job, but one from his old life. The part of himself he wished he could lock away and hide from everyone. There was a job on the horizon. One that paid well, one that would make him give up his comfortable position for one a little more dangerous. He thought of many things that night; running engines, animal masks, swift and strong violence, and most prominently, regret.

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