Jackson stood in a very clean white room. There were bright lights casting dark shadows directly underneath him, as if he hovered above a deep dark pit. He waited in a long line filled with the old and the sick. It made him feel pretty good about his odds of being accepted into The Farms.

Champions #15 (Marvel)
Mark Waid (W) Humberto Ramos (A)
The big crossover ends and now we gotta deal with the weekly series. This crossover definitely got better as it went on, I’m just tired of having to read two comics to get one story.

Ms. Marvel #25 (Marvel)
G. Willow Wilson (W) Nico Leon (A)
Ms. Marvel is on the lam. Has she quit being the champion of New Jersey? Okay, so I really don’t know the answers to this. I don’t remember her stopping. Did I miss something? Also don’t know the answer to that.

The Defenders #8 (Marvel)
Brian Michael Bendis (W) David Marquez (A)
I just found out that this series is ending soon. I am upset about that. On the positive side, maybe we can get a Defenders series with the original peeps. Just a thought.

Old Man Logan #32 (Marvel)
Ed Brisson (W) Mike Deodato Jr. (A)
I really dig this arc so far. Nothing is better than a good romance where everyone is either old or dying or something. I don’t know, I’m running low on interesting observations.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #298 (Marvel)
Chip Zdarsky (W) Adam Kubert (A)
This series keeps amping up. I remember being on the fence about this series when it came out, now I know I was a stupid young man.

Mighty Thor #702 (Marvel)
Jason Aaron (W) Russell Dauterman (A)
This very well may ACTUALLY be the last arc with Jane Foster Thor. Soak it up. I wonder where this is heading?

Justice League #35 (DC)
Christopher Priest (W) Pete Wood (A)
The first issue of this new team was great. I really hope that they can keep the intensity. I think it’s a really cool idea, I just want to see where they take it.

Doctor Strange #383 (Marvel)
Donny Cates (W) Gabriel Hernandez Walta (A)

The Hard Place #5 (Image)
Doug Wagner (W) Nic Rummel (A)
This series is nice, but the art is really what brings this series together for me. It’s a great story, but this is a perfect example of two parts of a comic truly amplifying each other.

Wild Storm #10 (DC)
Warren Ellis (W) Jon Davis-Hunt (A)
Sometimes I’m not sure where the hell this comic is going. That being said, I have a hell of a fun time. It’s a lot like being trapped in a trunk by some strangers, but then when you think you’re going to die, you find out it was some guys you knew from highschool.

The Realm #4 (Image)
Seth M. Peck (W) Jeremy Haun (A)
This series is off to an awesome start. You should be reading this book if you haven’t started already.

Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil #3 (Dark Horse)
Jeff Lemire (W) David Rubin (A)
I am loving this series more and more with every issue. I am a little sad that there isn’t a Black Hammer series coming out currently, but this more than makes up for it.

Copperhead #17 (Image)
Jay Faerber (W) Drew Moss (A)
This last arc has been kicking my ass. It’s so fucking good, they came back with a vision and it is paying off immensly.

Redlands #5 (Image)
Jordie Bellaire (W) Vanesa Del Rey (A)
Come on. Read this fucking series. It’s god damn amazing. It’s gorgeous and so fucking interesting.

Batman #37 (DC)
Tom King (W) Clay Mann (A)

Dark Nights: Metal #4 (DC)
Scott Snyder (W) Greg Capullo (A)
There is a character on this cover that means a whole lot to a lot of people. They are now gonna help Batman and others fight a bat demon from a negative dimension. Just sayin’.

The squat woman behind the counter looked over the stack of papers briefly, glancing at particular areas, most likely the areas involving health and fitness Jackson thought. She looked over her glasses at him, then down his body, which probably would have been more uncomfortable had the circumstances been different. She reached over to grab something, then stamped the papers with a green circle before putting it in a small stack. Beside it was a giant stack of papers with red “X” marks across the front. Jackson smiled widely.
“You’ll hear from us shortly” She grunted.
“Thank you so much!” He nearly shouted.
She looked away. Jackson turned around and as he exited he heard a commercial for The Farm play over head.
“Welcome to The Farm, where we grow the best Man-Meat products. Our humans are the healthiest, strongest, most desirable product on the market. A gourmet place for a gourmet taste!”