I watched as she took another drag from her cigarette. Her eyes followed the cracks in the pavement. From this angle I could see a spot of blood in the white of her eye. Quickly she looked at me, as if her focus had been broken abruptly. She wanted to tell me something, that much I was sure of, but knowing her, she would let it slip into the sand between her fingertips. Neither of us talked for a long time. We both enjoyed the company of the crashing waves for a moment.

Killmonger #1 (of 5) (Marvel)

Bryan Hill (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)

I don’t know if I’m going to like this one. I am completely on board with Ferreyra, he’s one of my favorite artists doing comics. On the other side, I haven’t enjoyed a ton of Hill’s works, but sometimes, often times even, I am wrong about these things. The character is insanely interesting, and was a breakout character in the Black Panther movie last year. You knew that though, because you are very smart.

Immortal Hulk: Defenders #1 (Marvel)

Al Ewing (W) Simone Di Meo (A)

I was going to skip this little Defenders event until I saw the talent on board. I mean come on. I love everyone doing these issues. I can’t miss this. They got me. The bastards.

Namor: Defenders #1 (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky (W) Carlos Magno (A)

I mean seriously….look at this. I love Namor, he’s my favorite wet-boy, and Zdarsky is blowing me away recently. Also this is probably going to tie into the Invaders series that Zdarsky is writing. So, maybe if you’re reading that, read this? I don’t know?

Shazam! #1 (DC)

Geoff Johns (W) Dale Eaglesham (A)

Wooo! I never read it because I’m dumb, but I hear Johns’ new 52 run of Shazam was really good. So, you know, more of the same I guess. I’m just excited and stuff.

Martian Manhunter #1 (of 12) (DC)

Steve Orlando (W) Riley Rossmo (A)

I am so fucking pumped for this book. I love the idea of getting Martian Manhunter back to his detective roots. I love Rossmo so much. I messaged him about this book and he assured me that it was going to be fucking awesome. So there. That’s my name drop. Fuck you I lost my shame years ago.

Die #1 (Image)

Kieron Gillen (W) Stephanie Hans (A)

Jumanji meets Dungeons and Dragons. Come the fuck on. You know you’re just as excited about this book as I am.

Lodger #2 (Black Crown)

Maria Lapham (W) David Lapham (W/A)

I am not at all sure how I feel about this book yet. I was a little perplexed by the first issue of this but that’s not surprising really, waving a bag of keys at me could accomplish the same thing. I’ll keep reading this book until I’m certain I have no idea what is going on.

Moth & Whisper #4 (Aftershock)

Ted Anderson (W) Jen Hickman (A)

This book is pretty, smart, and really fucking action packed. I am excited for the future of this book. The first arc has been solid so far and I’m always down for new talent in the medium.

Sword Daughter #4 (Dark Horse)

Brian Wood (W) Mack Chater (A)

Hey, this didn’t end. I wasn’t sure about its future last time it came out. I really love the way that this story is told. The main character can’t speak, so the use of; motion, expression, and oddly enough, punctuation are the only ways we can understand her. It’s expertly choreographed, and very interesting.

Border Town #4 (Vertigo)

Eric M. Esquivel (W) Ramon Villalobos (A)

This is a book that I cannot place. Is it satire? Is it completely genuine? Either way I really like it and until I stop liking it, I’ll keep reading it.

Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #3 (of 5) (IDW)

Sam Kieth (W/A)

I wrote about this last week before it was delayed, hold on let me look up what I said. “Sam Kieth’s art makes this book so fucking good. The writing is pretty typical Maxx stuff, so if you aren’t familiar with that book, first off, what are you doing? Go read it! Second off, it’s pretty strange and purposefully surreal. Just dig in.”

Curse Words #18 (Image)

Charles Soule (W) Ryan Browne (A)

I honestly don’t have words for this book. It has been picking up. It’s about a Wizard. Uh, Ryan Browne art.

Rick and Morty VS Dungeons and Dragons #3 (of 4) (IDW)

Patrick Rothfuss/Jim Zub (W) Troy Little (A)

I also wrote about this one last week. Wait a minute. “This book is really starting to dig into the fun D&D stuff that I love. I am excited to say that Patrick Rothfuss is a good writer. I know, groundbreaking.” I’m lazy. Sue me.

The Dreaming #4 (Vertigo)

Simon Spurrier (W) Bilquis Evely (A)

This is still the best of the Sandman Universe books. It’s a good one. It’s a good book. It’s a book and it’s good. Fucking read it.

Batman #60 (DC)

Tom King (W) Mikel Janin (A)

It’s the issue where we find out that the Penguin is really creepy! Wait, this was already established? Damn.

Marvel Knights 20th #3 (of 6) (Marvel)

Donny Cates/Tini Howard (W) Damian Couceiro (A)

I am really loving this series so far. The first issue was a little weird but seeing it unravel the way it has been solidly entertaining. I love the idea of bringing this back as an imprint but I haven’t really seen anything about it. I’m confused.

Justice League #13 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Guillem March (A)

This book ties into the Batman Who Laughs mini series coming out later this year. How? I have no idea, I haven’t read it yet dummy.

The Wrong Earth #4 (Ahoy)

Tom Peyer (W) Jamal Igle (A)

I thought that this series was going to be a miss from the initial line up of Ahoy Comics, but so far, it has been my favorite by far. It’s such a great analysis of the comic book genre. Go read it and make sure this imprint stays alive. Go buy comics. What will I do if comic shops stop existing? What will I do with all of my money? Probably drugs. That would be 100% your fault.

Doomsday Clock #8 (of 12) (DC)

Geoff Johns (W) Gary Frank (A)

This one got leaked by Russia last week. Seriously, look it up. I, somehow, remain completely unsurprised. Funny how that happens. Anyway, I held off checking it out, because I’m a good boy.

Venom #9 (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Ryan Stegman (A)

Oh, yeah, Venom is better than Watchmen or any sequel. Just reminding you.

West Coast Avengers #5 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Daniele Di Nicuolo (A)

This series is so fucking good. You’d be a fool not to check it out. Please, do yourself a favor and check out this book. It’s funny, heartfelt, and has some of the best dialogue of any comic on the shelves.

The Immortal Hulk #10 (Marvel)

Al Ewing (W) Joe Bennett (A)

Jesus, are you really not reading this still? I give you a Hulk series that is fresh and isn’t convoluted and you just ignore my advice. See if I help you ever again.

The Green Lantern #2 (DC)

Grant Morrison (W) Liam Sharp (A)

Do you like space? Well, you’ll love this book.

Blackbird #3 (Image)

Sam Humphries (W) Jen Bartel (A)

This book is a breath of fresh air. Using high fantasy to deal with issues with addiction and self destructive tendencies is a really cool idea. I think it’s handled honestly and it benefits from having incredible creators working behind it. Read this book.

The sun painted the sky purple. Kira’s face was washed in blue light, the ember of her cigarette standing out with stark contrast against the darkening air. It always struck me as strange, the way she played with the smoke as she exhaled. That was something a kid did when they smoked to be cool, she had been at this too long to still find weird whimsy in that game. I never understood why she did that. I still don’t.

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