Years ago, Erin had a change occur within her. She witnessed something that caused the world in her eyes to die. Something so revolting it could never truly be captured with words. Something that would defy explanation for the rest of her life. This is why she is currently lying beneath the floorboards in the house she was raised in. It’s a odd choice, made even odder by the fact that she no longer lived here herself. In fact, the house was inhabited by another family altogether.

Detective Comics #946 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Eddy Barrows (A)

This series is beyond good. What it it that that tiger says? Anyway, I’m not sure what it is but this arc seems to be dragging a little with the last issue. Give me some more baddie punching and I think I’ll be fine.

Old Man Logan #15 (Marvel)

Jeff Lemire (W) Andrea Sorrentino (A)

Okay, Old Man Logan versus vampires. I don’t think this could get any more ridiculous. Who doesn’t love a good vamp-slay sesh?

Daredevil #14 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Ron Garney (A)

This arc has been amazing so far. Daredevil’s world has always been dark and unpleasant, but this has taken that to new levels. A kind of ooze leaks over the pages, and you feel genuinely off put by the sickening things taking place within. Great stuff.

Moonshine #3 (Image)

Brian Azzarello (W) Eduardo Risso (A)

This book is fucking twisted. I mean it is about vampires and the mafia, but it’s still not what I was expecting. Azzarello knows how to tell a damn dark tale and Risso knows how to paint it.

Inhumans Vs X-Men #1 (of 6) (Marvel)

Charles Soule/ Jeff Lemire (W) Leinil Francis Yu (A)

Very excited about this one. With Death of X and the zero issue of this one already out, I can say that this is going to be something that you will want to participate in. That can’t be said of every event.

Wonder Woman #12 (DC)

Greg Rucka (W) Nicola Scott (A)

One arc wrapped up, and another in it’s final moments. I am super excited about the future of this book. It fills me with WONDER! I’ll show myself out.

Jessica Jones #3 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Michael Gaydos (A)

If you aren’t reading this than I feel sorry for you. It’s probably the best thing that Marvel is currently putting out. I don’t say that as one of those dicks who thinks superhero comics are shit now, I say that as someone who thinks Marvel and DC are both doing great things. So there.

Descender #17 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Dustin Nguyen (A)

Back to the story at hand. I dig the flashback issues, but an entire arc dedicated to them kinda throws off the momentum a little bit. Excited to actually get back to the main story.

Reborn #3 (Image)

Mark Millar (W) Greg Capullo (A)

I feel like this story is going to break my heart. That’s a good thing. Seriously, it is.

With each deep breath Erin’s ribs pressed against the floor above her, letting out a subtle creak. One that couldn’t be heard by anyone in the residence, but echoed loudly in her ears. A warm sweat dripped down her arms and pooled in the corners of her eyes. The soft thud of an infants feet crossed over her body, and she froze. She realized that this was the moment of her lifelong dread. She had become the thing without definition that circled her dreams.