The road is hypnotizing after hours stacked on hours. The sky is dripping blood-red clouds onto the pavement. I am running from a mistake. The only mistake that could take me away from a family that loves me. A family that I love more than my life. This god damn car in front of me has been in front of me for the last fifty fucking miles. The smoke whipping behind the car like a soul dragged out of its vessel. For a brief moment it takes the shape of what looks like a skull.

Sideways #1 (DC)

Justin Jordan/Dan DiDio (W) Kenneth Rocafort (A)

So, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Damage, Silencer was a lot better, but this one looks very promising. Not the biggest DiDio fan, but Jordan has done some great stuff recently. Oh and at some point GRANT MORRISON is writing some issues for this series. So that’s fucking cool. It’s basically Spider-Man meets inter-dimensional fuckery.

Avengers #680 (Marvel)

Mark Waid/Al Ewing/Jim Zub (W) Kim Jacinto (A)

Okay, so the character I talked about last week isn’t dead, so that’s not surprising really. That being said, this series is really fucking good. After some kinda weak arcs in this series, I’m glad it’s back to being awesome stories.

Old Man Logan #35 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Matteo Buffagni (A)

This arc is good and everything, but I am really pumped for the next arc already. Gimme what I want.

Paradiso #3 (Image)

Ram V. (W) Dev Pramanik (A)

So, Starting to question whether or not I’m going to be reading this book forever. We’ll see how I feel when the arc ends.

Jenny Finn #4 (Dark Horse)

Troy Nixey/Mike Mignola (W) Farel Dalrymple (A)

The end of a really cool and surprising mini series. If you didn’t pick this up, I think it really benefits from a collected format. In other words, go buy the book you cheapskates.

Ms.Marvel #27 (Marvel)

G. Willow Wilson (W) Nico Leon (A)

Series is good, arc is kinda boring me. I’d love a big shake up right about now. Whatever, I’m not the writer and I shouldn’t be.

Curse Words #11 (Image)

Charles Soule (W) Ryan Browne (A)

I feel like this series sometimes doesn’t know where it’s going. I notice also, when one of Soule’s series dips, another one gets a big quality boost. See Daredevil.

Giants #3 (Dark Horse)

Carlos Valderrama (W) Miguel Valderrama (A)

This series has a shit ton of potential. It’s only a mini, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Keep an eye out for these guys in the future. I expect awesome things from this team.

Wonder Woman #40 (DC)

James Robinson (W) Emanuela Lupacchino (A)

This arc has been a little bit cliché, but it has also been leagues better than the last one. Afraid with the next arc focusing on Darkseid again, it may dip once more. That being said, the best stuff from the last arc was the Darkseid stuff, so maybe not.

Babyteeth #8 (Aftershock)

Donny Cates (W) Garry Brown (A)

Okay, secret time. I fell waaaay behind on this series, even though I was plugging it. Mostly because my shop keeps selling out. I have a new shop, which comes with much heartbreak and the reminder that even though your local shop seems busy and safe from money issues, they may not be, so go support small businesses this Wednesday.

Rumble #3 (Image)

John Arcudi (W) David Rubin (A)

This series had a HUUUGE uptick in quality since the last one. I think sometimes creators need breaks from their series to bring the power again. This is basically the perfect example of that.

The Punisher #221 (Marvel)

Matthew Rosenberg (W) Guiu Vilanova (A)

Come on. I mean, come on. I shouldn’t have to sell this story to you. THE PUNISHER HAS A FUCKING WAR MACHINE SUIT. READ IT.

Captain America #698 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Chris Samnee (A)


Doctor Strange #385 (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Gabriel Hernandez Walta (A)

Fuck this series is good. Honestly, you are doing yourself a disservice in not reading this one. Donny pulls off some serious spectacle and boy oh boy, does it work for me.

Marvel 2-in-One #3 (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky (W) Valerio Schiti (A)

I desperately love the Fantastic Four. I know they’ve fallen out of favor in recent years due to, well, not having a series, but this series makes me so happy on so many levels. It gives me my FF fix and does it with a hell of a lot of heart.

Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1 (DC)

Scott Snyder/Grant Morrison/James Tynion IV/Joshua Williamson (W) Ivan Reis/Howard Porter/Jorge Jimenez/Jaime Mendoza/Doug Mahnke (A)

Look at that fucking talent list. Also, it’s a Metal tie in. If you aren’t already 100% down, there is no hope for you.

The Black Monday Murder #8 (Image)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Tomm Coker (A)

Man, I wonder how this series is gonna go now that the market is behaving the way that it has. I can only imagine we’ll all be worshiping God Mammon soon enough.

Kill or be Killed #16 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Sean Phillips (A)

Looking for a pick me up. A real smile buster? Yeah, probably don’t read this one then. If you like feeling sad. This is the book for you.

Finally, the road opens up to two lanes and I make my way past the car. My car begins to slow, not able to get past the car. I give it gas, pushing against the wall of uncooperative vehicle. My rage turns my head to the slow vehicle. No one sits in the front seat, terror turns my head back to a repulsive vision. The world has faded away, I am now driving on an invisible road, or is it a black road. It’s hard to tell as the whole of the world outside is just blackness. The absence of everything. The car is gone now. That skull sti