Sarah sat in a sterile white room. It always felt like lying. This isn’t what the future is like, and yet we tell the customer that this is what the world has become. She always felt it was unfair, but corporate had an image to maintain. Once they got to the street, if they got to the street, they could see the truth, but at that point it was no longer FutureCorp’s responsibility to maintain the illusion. Sarah checked her clear resin clipboard. More excessive manipulation. The Newcomer’s name was Jerry Jackson. She thought that sounded like a superhero. He was of above average intelligence, and kept himself in good shape during the Before. She heard shuffling down the hall.

Hawkeye #3 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Leonardo Romero (A)

For two issues, I forgot to put this on my pull list. I feel like I’ve let you all down. I know I haven’t and it really doesn’t matter, but I put unreasonable expectations on myself, that’s why I’m never happy. So there. Now you get to deal with my baggage.

Karnak #6 (Marvel)

Warren Ellis (W) Gerardo Zaffino (A)

Is this the last issue of Karnak? I can’t find a definitive answer on the Googles. I can only imagine it is, because this arc is wrapping up and Warren Ellis is going to be working on Wildstorm over at DC, and I imagine that will take up a lot of his time. We’ll see.

Old Man Logan #17 (Marvel)

Jeff Lemire (W) Andrea Sorrentino (A)

Okay, so Logan in space is just as awesome as you could ever imagine it to be. Time to slice and dice some alien scum.

Green Arrow #16 (DC)

Ben Percy (W) Otto Schmidt (A)

As if Green Arrow could be anything else, this comic is intensely politically charged. I really dig the way they are treating this story though. The city Queen loves is now the city he has to fight.

Moon Knight #11 (Marvel)

Jeff Lemire (W) Greg Smallwood (A)

After wrapping up that amazing arc, I am so pumped to see where they are going with this series. Hopefully Lemire isn’t leaving any time soon. I’m looking at you Old Man Logan.

Avengers #4 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Mike Del Mundo (A)

Both Avengers and Champions are so good, it’s really hard for me to decide which one I like more. The art on this series is gorgeous, and it all carries over from the last Avengers series, which I also loved. I flipped a coin alright. There, that’s why this is higher on the list. Deal with it.

Champions #5 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Humberto Ramos (A)

I love this series so much. It’s just fun. I am not really sure how they’ll treat Gwen-pool, but I’m definitely interested in seeing how Waid writes Pool, seeing as he was one of the OG Pool writers back in the day.

Nailbiter #29 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

Only two issues left. I’m kind of heart broken, but at least all the pieces will start to fall into place very soon. I’ll miss this series when it’s gone.

Batman #16 (DC)

Tom King (W) David Finch (A)

Bane is fucking pissed. Not only is he pissed, but he’s on a warpath. We all know what happens when Bane is on a warpath. Lots of trouble for Batman. A whole fucking lot of trouble.

Paper Girls #11 (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan (W) Cliff Chang (A)

This series is so good. You should really read it. I mean, I’m still not really sure what the hell is going on, but I like it. You should like it to. Go on.

Deadly Class #26 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Wesley Craig (A)

Nothing like seeing how the sausage is made. Instead of sausage, it’s a violent assassin girl. Instead of mashing up bits of meat and pressing it all through a cylindrical mold, it’s watching your family kill people and abuse you. WOOOO!


Nowhere Men #12 (Image)

Eric Stephenson (W) Jordie Bellaire (A)

It’s been another set of months since the last issue came out, and the same thing is happening with Karnak. They haven’t released if there will be an issue thirteen. This could be the last stop in one of my favorite comics going on four and a half years. Yeah, twelve issues in four and a half years. I’m not a masochist, no, not me.

A freshly showered and shaved man walked with great effort through the open doorway. His eyes were alight with wonder as he took in every inch of the new world. Sarah almost felt sorry for him, the facade would drop from beneath him in only a few hours. Until then she had to try painfully to show him anything he missed, while trying to keep him sane and optimistic. It was going to be another long day. The higher the IQ the harder the transition. He grinned widely as he walked over to shake her hand. She stood and smiled back.