Hey, did you know that The Walking Dead came back? Did you? Well, I did. I’m going to go watch it now. So you know, read the article or something. Really, you should watch a movie. Hey, that Deadpool movie came out. It is great. You should go see it.


Batman and Robin Eternal #20 (DC)

Tim Seeley (W) Tony Kordos/Paul Pelletier (A)

Man these week comics really know how to wear me out. I like this comic, but I really do wish that I had time to sit and contemplate the comic before another issue came out. Other than that though, this series has been pretty good.


Astro City #32 (Vertigo)

Kurt Busiek (W) Brent Eric Anderson (A)

Always excited for a new arc in this comic. I’ve always loved the way that Busiek isn’t afraid to tell short and sweet stories. The last issue was a really interesting look into the heart of madness, and how we aren’t the sum of our pasts, but rather what we choose to become. I have a soft spot for this comic.


The Mighty Thor #4 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W )Russell Dauterman (A)

Ah, nothing hits the spot like a nice cold Classic Loki. No pun intended. The Loki sequence in the last issue was really really fun, I hope that he becomes a major player in this new series. I would enjoy that thoroughly.


Bitch Planet #7 (Image)

Kelly Sue DeConnick (W) Valentine De Landro (A)

This comic is badass. Who doesn’t want a grindhouse prison-chick flick? Last issue we got a really insightful origin to one of our main characters. This issue we get introduced to the Queen Bitch. Prepare yourself.


Uncanny Inhumans #5 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Brandon Peterson (A)

Holy biscuits I love this comic. I mean seriously. One of the stand out launched for all-new all-hyphenated Marvel. New arc starts this issue. Any idea why it shares a theme with the Secret War series? NO IDEA, LETS FIND OUT!!!!!! Seriously, read the book.


Huck #4 (Image)

Mark Millar (W) Rafael Albuquerque (A)

The brothers’ Huck together again! But what of mother Huck? I suppose that will be explained to us to. I’m betting on Alien/Mutant hybrid with a dash of something sinister. Maybe Were-Vampire.


Archie #6 (Archie Comics)

Mark Waid (W) Veronica Fish (A)

Archie without his Jughead? That’s like Tuna without his fish. Hold on, let me work on that comparison. Uh, Chicken without the Parmesan….no. Uh, Peanut butter without the Jelly. That sounds good. My point being, it doesn’t work. Also Veronica Fish joins this issue. Oddly enough, she did the promo art for the Riverdale show I wrote an article on way back when.


Sex Criminals #14 (Image)

Matt Fraction (W) Chip Zdarksy (A)

I am so happy that this comic is back. I started having withdraws. I did some bad things, I won’t deny it. I started to get other people hooked on the series so that they could share in the pain of a hiatus with me. I know it’s selfish. I understand. I. I. I. I used the word I a lot in this pargraph. I don’t regret it. I am important to me.

Have you seen the things yet? No? Stop it. Go see the things. Go see them now.