The music was thunderous. It pushed its way through the smoke stained barroom air and into the muggy streets. Blue lights shone over the cobblestone; wet with humidity, reflective of the passion in the little city. Horns and drums ruled the night, laying out the carpet for the stumbling drunk. Matching his every step matching the rhythm of the staggering couples, blind with laughter and good booze.

Age of Conan: Bêlit #1 (of 5) (Marvel)

Tini Howard (W) Kate Niemczyk (A)

All of these Conan stories all coming out at once. I’m kinda in heaven here. That being said, I also feel a little bit like they need to slow the fuck down. I’m pumped about this one because of the talent on this book. Covers look gorgeous, and Howard just came off of a great run on a little book called Euthanauts that you should read.

The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knights #1 (DC)

Scott Snyder/James Tynion IV (W) Eduardo Risso (A)

Uh. I feel like Snyder is also going a little crazy here. I mean the Batman Who Laughs book is interesting if not a little unnecessary, but this? This is like, really fucking unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a cool character, but I hope this isn’t a trend.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Minkyu Jung (A)

The first solo Kamala book without G. Willow Wilson on board as the rudder. I am nervous, but the creators that are taking the mantle are beyond worth it. This is a promising book and a great jumping on point for anyone who wants to learn about Kamala.

Little Bird #1 (of 5) (Image)

Darcy Van Poelgeest (W) Ian Bertram (A)

This book. I have very little knowledge of this book. The cover really caught my eye and you know I’m a sucker for limited series. I am very hopeful for this one.

Assassin Nation #1 (Image)

Kyle Starks (W) Erica Henderson (A)

This book is going to be great. I can feel it in my bones. My bones are never wrong.

The Goon #1 (Albatross Funnybooks)

Eric Powell (W/A)

Come on. I literally know this book is going to be good. Not only did it run for a long time already, but now the rights are back in the hands of the creator. Only good things are going to come from that. Hold on to your pants.

The Punisher #9 (Marvel)

Matthew Rosenberg (W) Szymon Kudrankski (A)

You know, I feel like the last issue of this book was stagnating a bit and that makes me angry. So angry. Maybe not angry. I think I mean tired. I’m pretty tired.

Dead Man Logan #5 (of 12) (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

The book is the same fun romp it has been since Brisson joined Old Man Logan. It’s impressive the amount of badass stuff that these guys come up with.

Catwoman #9 (DC)

Ram V. (W) John Timms (A)

Little break issue for Jones. She deserves it, God dammit.

Gunning For Hits #3 (Image)

Jeff Rougvie (W) Moritat (A)

This is such a weird little book. I’m actually learning a lot about the music industry, and I wasn’t expecting that when I started reading this book.

Wonder Twins #2 (Wonder Comics)

Mark Russell (W) Stephen Byrne (A)

I really loved the first issue of this book. It pretty much hit the mark of what I was expecting when I subscribed to it. Solid humor, fantastically wholesome moments, and The Wonder Twins. Duh.

Wonder Woman #66 (DC)

G. Willow Wilson (W) Cary Nord (A)

This book has been really fucking fun. I love the direction they are taking the book and you should too because I told you to and I have great taste.

Cover #6 (DC)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) David Mack (A)

The issue that was supposed to be the end but isn’t because this book is too good to die and Bendis can’t stop writing stuff. I have really liked this series so far and if you haven’t started reading it, you are making a grave mistake.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #9 (Marvel)

Dan Slott/Jim Zub (W) Valerio Schiti (A)

That last issue was weird, like very strange. I have to say, I haven’t always been a Slott fan but the last few things I’ve read of his are making me reevaluate my views on him.

Runaways #19 (Marvel)

Rainbow Rowell (W) Andres Genolet (A)

Oh man. My boy Anka is gone. I am a little heart broken, but life moves on and you find ways to love new people. What seems so solid and inescapable now is merely a blip on the cosmic radar. You deserve love, you deserve happiness, you deserve to enjoy a new artist on Runaways. There I said it.

The Amazing Spider-Man #17 (Marvel)

Nick Spencer (W) Humberto Ramos (A)

The prologue is over. The pieces have been place ever so carefully upon the board and now it is time for the game to begin. I am honestly, really excited for this arc. Kraven has always been one of my favorite Spider-Man rouges so it’s nice to see him take the spotlight once more.

Oblivion Song #13 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Lorenzo De Felici (A)

I have to say. Kirkman has an impeccable release schedule. New arc and nary a break between them. Keeping this quality up for as long and uninterrupted as this book has been. That’s deserving of praise on its own, not to mention the fact that this book is just getting better.

Justice League Dark #9 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Alvaro Martinez Bueno/Raul Fernandez (A)

Everyone’s favorite spooky, ghoul riddled Justice League team is back for another issue and dammit they’re getting in over their heads again. Surprising, right?

Blackbird #6 (Image)

Sam Humphries (W) Jen Bartel (A)

End of the first arc and unlike Kirkman, this book gets a little break after this one. I have been impressed with this book since the first issue, and it continues to bring the thunder with each issue. It’s a very modern story and it’s a lovely one at that.

Murder Falcon #6 (of 8) (Image)

Daniel Warren Johnson (W) Mike Spicer (A)

I feel like my guts just got wrenched out of my stomach. I just found out that this is ending with issue eight. I don’t even have time to prepare my eulogy.

Fatty Henson sat behind the bar, polishing a glass. The lipstick coming off clean, if not a little violently. He watched as the drummer rolled into another song, sweat dripping off of his lips and onto the snare drum. The little splashes from the puddle adding to the frantic quality of the jam. No one ordered another drink. No one could take their eyes off of the master who had just sat down on the stage like he owned the place. Maybe he did. Maybe he knew something no other patron did. That’s what Fatty thought.

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