The cool blue light of morning sun fell gently around the sheer white curtains in the room. Motes played in the segmented spaces between where Richard stood, and the crib on the other side of the room. Undisturbed silence cradled the entire house, as if protecting it from the maladies of the world beyond the window and door. Within this moment was a held breath.

War of the Realms: War Scrolls #1 (of 3) (Marvel)

Jason Aaron/Chip Zdarsky/Josh Trujillo (W) Joe Quinones/Ricardo Lopez Ortiz/Andrea Sorrentino (A)

The tie-invasion has begun. This title is going to be an obvious pick. These “Scrolls” or “Journal” books that they always do never disappoint. It’s a cool way to flesh out the world with a bunch of talented creators.

War of the Realms: Punisher #1 (of 3) (Marvel)

Gerry Duggan (W) Marcelo Ferreira (A)

Duggan is going to be handling Punisher in the near future and this acts as a spring board for his series in the future.

Planet of the Nerds #1 (Ahoy)

Paul Constant (W) Alan Robinson (A)

This idea struck me as kinda campy to begin with, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was probably going to be a pretty solid book. Check this one out.

Farmhand #7 (Image)

Rob Guillory (W/A)

I never know how to take this book. It’s equal parts drama and over the top comedy. It’s definitely an amalgamation unlike anything else out there.

Aquaman #47 (DC)

Kelly Sue DeConnick (W) Robson Rocha/Daniel Henriquez (A)

This series is really starting to run. I love some of the world building they’ve added to the mythology and I’m excited to get off this damn island.

Morning in America #2 (Oni Press)

Magdalene Visaggio (W) Claudia Aguirre (A)

The first issue of this book has so much potential. Visaggio is wonderful with characterization moments and this book is going to be all about that. Strap in, this one is going to be fun.

Justice League #22 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Francis Manapul (A)

Man, this book has a constant “the world is in serious peril” vibe. I think when you are dealing with a super team like the Justice League, that makes sense. I feel like too many times it doesn’t feel like the stakes are enough.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Minkyu Jung (A)

I knew this was going to be good. I have a decent track record with this kind of stuff. Just saying. As long as you ignore all the times I was wrong, I’m right a lot.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #5 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Javier Garron (A)

This book has all of the heart that I want from a Miles Morales book. Not to mention some absolutely popping interior work. This is a book you should really pick up.

Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Geoff Shaw (A)

Oh fuck. I thought Rocket was supposed to survive. Wait, that’s the movies? So, they’re gonna hunt him down mercilessly? Dammit.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 (Marvel)

Dan Slott/Jim Zub (W) Valerio Schiti (A)


The Amazing Spider-Man #19.HU (Marvel)

Nick Spencer (W) Chris Bachalo (A)

Man, the last tie-in had some serious feels. I cannot wait to see how they manage to make me cry about a bad guy this week.

Thor #12 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Michael del Mundo (A)

WAR OF THE REALMS IS UPON US AND IT IS AWESOME. Seriously, this is everything I’ve hoped for so far and the best way to get the next dose is with this issue. Drink up.

War of the Realms #2 (of 6) (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Russell Dauterman (A)

Oh, wait. This is also a pretty nice taste of War of the Realms. You know, the actual series.

Little Bird #2 (of 5) (Image)

Darcy Van Poelgeest (W) Ian Bertram (A)

The first issue of this book was absolutely bonkers. It had a tasty jumping in point, some beautiful interior art, with all the blood and action you’d want. Seriously, this is a promising series to say the least.

Daredevil #4 (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky (W) Marco Checchetto (A)

That dude that wears the skull on his chest is here to save….Daredevil?

Batman #69 (DC)

Tom King (W) Yanick Pacquette (A)

Two weeks in a row with Batman? Is this a dream or a knightmare. Hahaha get it, that’s the name of the arc. I’m too clever.

West Coast Avengers #10 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Hang Hyuk Lim (A)


Spider-Man: Life Story #2 (of 6) (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky (W) Mark Bagley (A)

Holy shit, with all the Spider-Man stuff out there. I didn’t know that Spider-Man needed anything else. Turns out he needed this book.

Assassin Nation #2 (Image)

Kyle Starks (W) Erica Henderson (A)

This one is going to be big. It’s campy, fun, and most of all bad-fucking-ass. This is a book that immediately grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the last page.

Gideon Falls #12 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Andrea Sorrentino (A)

New arc,same dark. I cannot get enough of this book. It really tops the heap when it comes to straight up ambiance.

East of West #42 (Image)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A)

Still trying to come to grips with this series ending. So, instead, I’ll just pretend it isn’t.

Life rushed on, Richard never forgot that moment. It remained as if unbound by time in his mind. He could return as he wished, lap the waves of solitude, bask in that one blue beam of sun. Richard would die a violent death. Something no one would have wished upon him. In his dying moments, he was moved again to the room with its motes dancing on the current of his breath releasing at last.

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