She knew how long the rose bush had been there. Longer than her life, longer than her parent’s lives,even her grandparent’s lives. It had been a fixture of the house since 1811. People understand the age of things like trees, giants looming over the landscape. People have a harder time understanding that something as small as a rose bush can out live generations. They are almost as permanent as the stones used to build her families home.

Black Hammer #8 (Dark Horse)

Jeff Lemire (W) Dean Ormston (A)

I kinda feel like I just ripped out my heart right now. It’s that time of year where I start booting comics that end up at the top of the list. In memorium: Batwoman (you were good, but not good enough unfortunately) Archie (I miss the old days, recently you’ve been getting a bit tiresome), and Astro City (I’ve been following you for four years, and a long time before then too, it’s time to part ways). This is rough.

Ms.Marvel #17 (Marvel)

G. Willow Wilson (W) Takeshi Miyagawa (A)

I really like this arc, but there is something missing recently from this comic. That heart that I loved seems to be lacking. Hopefully it finds its voice again soon.

Daredevil #19 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Ron Garney (A)

This mystery just doesn’t have me captivated. It may be that other comics are keeping my attention better, but I feel like this one is lacking too. Man, maybe I’m just disillusioned recently.

Green Arrow #21 (DC)

Ben Percy (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)

Really glad that Ferreyra is back on this book. I absolutely love his art. He really makes this book stand out on the shelves.

Invincible Iron Man #6 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Stefano Caselli (A)

Really digging Riri in this series. She is a very fresh breath of new air in a very cramped Marvel universe. I can see myself reading this one for a while longer.

Redneck #1 (Image)

Donny Cates (W) Lisandro Estherren (A)

New book from Donny Cates. He impressed the community with God Country, which I passed on after one issue (we’ll get into that), and now he’s back with a story about redneck vampires. Isn’t there a comic about redneck werewolves out now too? Who knows?

Doctor Strange #19 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Chris Bachalo (A)

Stay away from Strange, seriously, this dude is a black hole of misery. Just take your friendships and businesses elsewhere.

Moon Knight #13 (Marvel)

Jeff Lemire (W) Greg Smallwood (A)

Oh, man. The series is coming to an end and we only get two issues to say our goodbyes. That’s fine with me. It was a fun journey.

Batman #21 (DC)

Tom King (W) Jason Fabok (A)

Will things finally start to make sense after Rebirth? Probably not for a while, but this is a start, no?

All Star Batman #9 (DC)

Scott Snyder (W) Afua Richardson (A)

Okay, so this issue kinda got spoiled for people who read Det. Comics #954 last week. They did a call back to this issue, which wasn’t out yet. Anyway, I believe he fights Ras al Ghul in this issue. Don’t ask me how I know that. It will make me sad.

God Country #4 (Image)

Donny Cates (W) Geoff Shaw (A)

Okay, so I read the first issue, then skipped the next two because I had too many things to read. That was a mistake. The comic is going crazy, so I picked up two and three, and damn. I was wrong as shit. Read this comic. Also take this as proof that I’m never right, and you should make your own judgments on these sorts of things.

Injection #12 (Image)

Warren Ellis (W) Declan Shalvey (A)

Man, this comic regularly loses me, then catches me back up, then loses me again. I feel like this is one that is better experienced in a trade, but fuck it, I’m already in.

Descender #21 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Dustin Nguyen (A)

Evil twin-bot is about to get his shit all fucked up. I mean I hope he does. I don’t know, I don’t write the fucking thing.

Curse Words #4 (Image)

Charles Soule (W) Ryan Browne (A)

This series seriously shocks me with every issue. It is hilarious. One of the best comedy comics out right now. More people need to read this. Thank you.

Sex Criminals #18 (Image)

Matt Fraction (W) Chip Zdarsky (A)

Okay, so this one is totally the best comedy comic out right now. My personal opinion is the right opinion on this matter. Fuck off.

Low #17 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Greg Tocchini (A)

With the funny comes overwhelming sadness. Isn’t that just how life is. You know for the manic depressives. Whatever, I like feeling bad apparently.

Black Science #29 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Matteo Scalera (A)

This series has been extra fucky recently. Like, can’t things just go right for more than half an issue? Seriously, I need some consistency in my life, man. That’s why my articles are fucking weekly.

Royal City #2 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Jeff Lemire (A)

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Fucking read this right fucking now. Holy shit.

Sandra watched as her heirloom slowly became overrun with pest. Rose killing insects chewed through roots, eating leaves, ravaging petals. She realized she would have to be the person to break the news that something more ancient than she could grasp was now dead. Although not her fault, she couldn’t help feeling sick.