The smell of the upholstery, scrubbed sterile, is almost as blinding to the senses as the rows and rows of florescent lighting pinned directly above Guy. The form was confusing and seemed to back track again and again. How many times did he need to print his full name. Had they forgotten him again in the course of the ten lines of miscellaneous personal information. Had he been sick recently? Had he eaten fast food in the past seven Fridays? Had he ever made a horrible miscalculation in an argument with his significant other in an effort to gain the upper hand resulting in tears? If so what exactly had he said, and why was it so damning? It was the most he had thought about his life in years.

Venom #1 (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Ryan Stegman (A)

Look at this beautiful team up. Cates has been hitting home run after home run and this is sure to be another series that will blow your mind. Normally, I would probably pass this book, but after they released the team, I couldn’t say no.

Justice League: No Justice #1 (of 4) (DC)

Scott Snyder/Joshua Williamson/James Tynion IV (W) Francis Manapul (A)

Weird ass things are happening in the Justice League. This weekly sets up three new titles coming out in the next month. Dig it.

Exiles #3 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Javier Rodriguez (A)

This series has been everything that I wanted. Things are only gonna get stranger from here on out.

Old Man Logan #39 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Ibraim Roberson (A)

I love this series, I really do. That being said, I think the time is coming for Logan to bite the dust. With 616’s Logan coming back, and Laura as X-23, maybe Old Man Logan is just a relic of something our Logan could have become. We’ll have to see.

Detective Comics #980 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Raul Fernandez (A)

Two more issues until the creative team for this book scoots. This team has brought the thunder since rebirth started. Hopefully we get one last strike before the storm passes.

Batman: White Knight #8 (of 8) (DC)

Sean Murphy (W/A)

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. This series isn’t perfect. Few are. What it is, is a gorgeous perspective shift of a paradigm we’ve seen tread and re-tread for decades. Much appreciated and sad to see it go.

The Immortal Men #2 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Jim Lee (A)

Not entirely sure what the fuck happened, but that’s okay. I like it that way.

Prism Stalker #3 (Image)

Sloane Leong (W) Darius Ou (A)

I love books that push the boundaries of sci-fi. Strange, wonderful nonsense makes for a great backdrop to this story about finding family and learning to live without. Check it out.

Sideways #4 (DC)

Justin Jordan/Dan DiDio (W) Kenneth Rocafort (A)

This book is fun, but come on, where is the Grant Morrison I was promised? Don’t goof on me DiDio. Don’t you do it.

Eternity Girl #3 (DC)

Magdalene Visaggio (W) Sonny Liew (A)

This book is wonderfully macabre. It fills that part of your heart that lusts for petty revenge. It’s a great look at the horror of being human.

Runaways #9 (Marvel)

Rainbow Rowell (W) Kris Anka (A)

Wait, I thought Doctor Doom was good now? Was that another fever dream?

Wonder Woman #46 (DC)

James Robinson (W) Stephen Segovia (A)

Hey, that arc I’ve been talking about for a while is here. Not sure what’s going to happen really, I mean, I know it has to do with Metal and Gods and stuff. Let me be excited for no reason. Thank you.

Analog #2 (Image)

Gerry Duggan (W) David O’Sullivan (A)

So this topic has already been tackled, I’m looking at you Private Eye. That being said, this is a really competent story and I can really see it taking off. I’m pumped to see this series evolve.

Outcast #35 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Paul Azaceta (A)

Two more issues until the next hiatus. Honestly, I keep saying that this series is building to something massive, but I’m starting to think that’s just how Kirkman writes. That sly fuck.

Oblivion Song #3 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Lorenzo De Felici (A)

In two issues, this series already surpasses Outcast for me. We’ll see if that matters as we move forward. You know how this ongoing game plays out.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #304 (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky (W) Adam Kubert (A)

Dammit. I don’t even have a sardonic quip for this book. It’s just solid. Fuck.

The Season of the Snake #2 (Titan Books)

Serge Lehman (W) Marie Michaud (A)

The first issue of this was a little dense, but soooo fucking worth it. I should have guessed that it was a translation of a french comic. It originally came out in 2014 and we’re only just now getting to enjoy this beautiful piece of sequential graphic storytelling.

Maestros #6 (Image)

Steve Skroce (W/A)

If I learned anything from the last issue it would be, if you want to win a war, make sure you give the devil his boner back. Read the book already.

Isola #2 (Image)

Brenden Fletcher (W) Karl Kerschl (A)

Come on. This series is so fucking gorgeous and if that doesn’t grab you, which, I mean, if it doesn’t, why read comics, if that doesn’t grab you, read it for the brilliant story. Run on over.

The Highest House #4 (IDW)

Mike Carey (W) Peter Gross (A)

Raise your hand if you’re a comic that took me by surprise and is now one of my favorite books. You can’t see it but the physical embodiment of The Highest House is raising its hand.

Southern Bastards #20 (Image)

Jason Aaron (W) Jason Latour (A)


Mildly offended, stripped naked metaphorically, then physically, then twice more metaphorically, he had finally completed the rigorous tests. He entered a room when his name was called. His senses assailed again with the cutting acidic cleaning smell from before. Another room, more questions. A life on hold.