The whip-crack of steel against metal shatters the silence of the night. First blood has been spilled. A guttural cry echoes through the alleyway, followed by the clacking of shoes against stone. First, the sound of fists striking skin, then the sounds of cursing and blood spit on the concrete. Pennies in the air, iron permeating the dumpsters and trash heaps. Suddenly, the ricocheting of hot metal. Then silence. A tense silence.

civil war II 0

Civil War II #0 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Olivier Coipel (A)

Okay, so this gets bottom (or top as the case may be) billing. Not because I expect it to be bad, but because I told myself I wouldn’t succumb. I wouldn’t fall into the event trap again. Well, fuck. Look I can’t always be strong.

depth 2

Dept. H #2 (Dark Horse)

Matt Kindt (W) Matt Kindt (A)

I stumbled across this book by accident. I loved the art, so I flipped through it, and here we are. I really suggest picking up this one. The art is haunting and actually reminds me a little of Jeff Lemire’s work.


Astro City #35 (Vertigo)

Kurt Busiek (W) Ron Randall (A)

Throwback to one of the OG Astro City stories. Speaking of which, if you haven’t read the original runs of this series you are really missing a phenomenal set of stories. I’m super excited to see what Jack-In-The-Box has been up to.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #5 (Afterlife with Archie)

Roberto Aguirre Sacasa (W) Robert Hack (A)

ALMOST A YEAR. At least they didn’t leave us with a crazy cliffhanger or anything. Nah, I mean that would just be cruel. It’s a good thing they didn’t do that.

old man logan 6

Old Man Logan #6 (Marvel)

Jeff Lemire (W) Andrea Sorrentino (A)

It seems that Logan has found his place in this world. I guess that’s it. Story’s over, what else is there to say. I’m sure the ominous hand on the cover is just misunderstood.

karnak 4

Karnak #4 (Marvel)

Warren Ellis (W) Gerardo Zaffino (A)

This series continues to surprise me. The subject of this first arc has been pretty interesting. Not to mention this series has one of the best teams in comics working on it. I mean really, have you seen this art. Blaow.


Superman: American Alien #7 of 7 (DC)

Max Landis (W) Jock (A)

Okay, guy, I fucked up. I skipped out on this series at first, and because of that I’ve been trying to play catch up since issue four. Now, I’m here and dammit. This series is amazing. Sorry again.


Manifest Destiny #19 (Image)

Chris Dingess (W) Matthew Roberts (A)

WOOOO. It’s back baby. I absolutely love this series and It has been too long since I got to open the pages of this glorious comic. Everything about this comic is beautiful. I mean Roberts’ artwork is one of my favorites in the business. I really hope he gets to do more.

A child stands behind the barrel of an automatic rifle. A simple plea to end the violence, birthing a new evil. A hatred. Salt washes across his skin. The air feels cold suddenly. His lunch interrupts his thoughts as it comes barreling through his esophagus. These were the things we tried to prevent. We should have known that the cycle never ends.