Sanjay had been watching the lights for a couple nights. Fuzzy teal balls of soft light, had been lingering around the back door of his beach house recently. An alienated viewer might find nothing worrying about this scene, but to Sanjay, these lights presented an immanent terror. For one thing, since they had arrived, there was a circle of lifelessness around the house. Grass and plants were dying quickly, and he hadn’t heard so much as a mosquito buzzing in his ear for days.

Hawkeye #6 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Michael Walsh (A)

Pumped to see where this series goes now that the first arc is finished. There were some really solid ideas in the first arc. Everything’s coming up Hawkeye.

Iron Fist #3 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Mike Perkins (A)

Really digging this comic so far. Definitely an homage to old school kung-fu flicks. Emphasis on Game of Death with this first arc. Brisson seems to have the hard-hitting action beats to carry this series. Hopefully it follows through. (PS I wrote the Game of Death reference before reading the title of this issue “The Game of Death”, I’m good like that)

Green Arrow #22 (DC)

Ben Percy (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)

You thought the ninth circle was done? Dead wrong, son. They out here. They fucking up the game. They’re honestly way to rich for their own good.

Black Bolt #1 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmen (W) Christian Ward (A)

I love this character. He has always been my favorite Inhuman character, and now he has left Attilan behind, it’s time to get into some funky hijinx. Also helps that Ward is in the cut. I love that man’s art.

Champions #8 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Humberto Ramos (A)

What happens when the public is quick to judge and slow to think? The answer to that question is the plot of our next arc. TIME TO DISSAPPOINT YOUR PEOPLE!

Outcast #27 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Paul Azaceta (A)

There is so much going on in this comic right now. Still it seems like it’s dragging on. It’s hard to explain, but the last few issues seem to take a long time to get to the point. It’s kind of exhausting.

Paper Girls #14 (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan (W) Cliff Chang (A)

This comic is sassy as fuck. I still have no clue what’s going on, but I’m okay with it. It’s all about finding the zen, man, just, like, let life take you on a ride, brother.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #17 (Marvel)

Joe Kelly (W) Ed McGuinness (A)

Wow, back to our regularly scheduled programming. I really, really, really, fucking hate mandatory crossovers. I’m just glad it’s over.

Jessica Jones #8 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Michael Gaydos (A)

Ms. Jones really knows how to fuck up a life real good-like. How do you dig yourself out of a canyon? The odds are, you drunkenly fumble around until things just kinda get a little better.

Batman #22 (DC)

Joshua Williamson (W) Jason Fabok (A)

Tom King dropped off the scripting duty on this one at the last minute. Well, it probably happened a while ago, but we only just found out about it. I’m sad about that, but if they can keep this event going strong, I do not mind it at all. Still not happy about the Deadpool shit, though.

Manifest Destiny #28 (Image)

Chris Dingess (W) Matthew Roberts (A)

Sacagawea is on the hunt, and judging by her consistent badassery, anyone in her way is fucked doubly. Good luck white dudes.

He gritted his teeth and grabbed the tennis racket the he had stashed in the closet for slow summer days. His arm tensed as he turned the handle of the door leading to his back deck. The lights flew low and fast around his head. In a panic, he swung the racket at the brief lights in his peripheral vision. After a few swings, he believed he had missed them every time, that was until he saw the shredded nylon strings on the racket. He paused thinking of the consequences, then vaulted over the edge of the porch, hightailing it to the edge of the circle of death that was once his lush yard.