The screen went dark and then lit back up with the names of the people behind the scenes. Enough light spilled into the audience that Jared was able to turn and make out the faces of his friends to the left of him. They all sat in different states of contemplation. This movie was a real mind-fuck, so you could almost see the gears turning in their heads.
“So what did you think?” He asked.

Sally stared ahead before standing up suddenly and walking out. Jared stared horrified. The rest chuckled and stared to get up to follow her out. Had they really not liked it? He followed them into the light of the lobby.

Ether: The Copper Golems #2 (of 5) (Dark Horse)

Matt Kindt (W) David Rubin (A)

This series is kinda like jumping into a cold pool. Its jarring at first, but as you continue to swim, you acclimate to the water and by the time you’ve been in the water an hour, it pains you to get out and face the cold air.

Doctor Strange #2 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Jesus Saiz (A)

I saw this book getting hate online. Surprise. I thought the first issue was really interesting, and it’s obviously setting up for a Planet Hulk style story, only, you know, Planet Strange. I’m interested in keeping up with this story. The kernel of interesting idea at the center of this is worth it alone.

Curse Words #15 (Image)

Charles Soule (W) Ryan Browne (A)

I love this series, but I’m gonna be blunt. This comic has been lacking the charm that I loved about it going in. Something feels different. Like maybe they’re stalling for something big, or potentially ending the series soon. Not sure, but if it keeps on like this, I may not be reading it in the long term.

Captain America #704 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Leonardo Romero (A)

The last issue of Waid’s short but amazing run on Captain America. I am really sad that it’s ending but I look forward to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ take on the character. It’s just now hitting me that this series was the last Chris Samnee/Mark Waid comic for a long while. That’s really sad.

The Wild Storm #14 (WildStorm)

Warren Ellis (W) Jon Davis-Hunt (A)

This comic is reaching the home stretch. Well, it’s just over half way. Which means I’m right, I’m just being dramatic about it. Anyway, it still manages to excited me with every issue which is really saying something because I get bored really fucking easily.

Runaways #10 (Marvel)

Rainbow Rowell (W) Kris Anka (A)

My wholesome fix for the month is back, guys. Check it out. Seriously, if you haven’t read this one yet, you need to give it a shot. I mean, if you have a heart.

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #3 (Dark Horse)

Jeff Lemire (W) Dean Ormston (A)

I’ve said it once or twice before, but dammit, I am really glad they took a hiatus on this book. It’s so fucking good now. Not that it wasn’t before, let me just clarify that, but something about taking time to recoup and come back strong made this book a thousand times better.

Daredevil #604 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Mike Henderson (A)

Henderson’s art on this book is fucking perfect. There is something about how he draws Daredevil, the darkness that surrounds him and the constant struggle to keep standing in the face of brutality, that just clicks with me. I love this arc, but dammit, I’m starting to feel like that’s 90% Henderson’s fault.

Days of Hate #6 (of 12) (Image)

Ales Kot (W) Danijel Zezelj (A)

Man, I keep making jokes about this book being sad, but let me just elaborate. This book boils down the evil inside every human and paints a terrible picture with the grimy residue. It hurts to read because it is too close to the truth. Fantastic book.

New Challengers #2 (of 6) (DC)

Scott Snyder/Aaron Gillespie (W) Klaus Janson/Andy Kubert (A)

Wow. That first issue was incredible. In one issue they manage to introduce a team of strangers, a fantastic mission goal, and a wonderful mystery. It’s a deft juggling act that all the talent on this book manage with incredible ability. Check this one out, unless you like being wrong.

Avengers #3 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Ed McGuinness (A)

Man, I thought that the first issue of this book was good. The second just ups the expectations exponentially. This is going to be a book to watch. It has such a great team, and a great cast within the pages. I’m just plain excited for this book.

Justice League #2 (DC)

Scott Snyder (W) Jorge Jimenez (A)

The book lived up to the hype. Well, fuck me. How often does that happen? I am thrilled with what Snyder is doing with this part of the DC universe.

Moonshine #11

Brian Azzarello (W) Eduardo Risso (A)

I mean, who doesn’t love booze and werewolves? This book is a match made in heaven, great team, great concept, werewolves. Seriously, werewolves, guys.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1 (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky/Mike Drucker (W) Mike Allred/Chris Bachalo (A)

JJJ is at the helm of a massive secret that he would have killed for only a year ago. People grow though, and now Jonah is at odds with himself. Save the man he knows is Spider-Man from pain, or do what he’s always done and make a pretty penny off a nice scoop. What do you think will happen?

Skyward #3 (Image)

Joe Henderson (W) Lee Garbett (A)

This book has surprised the hell out of me. I thought the concept was maybe a little too high (no pun intended) to be as good as the idea’s potential is. That was such a wrong assumption, and one that almost had me miss out on this wonderful book. Don’t be like me. Be better than me.

Batman #49 (DC)

Tom King (W) Mikel Janin (A)

Don’t mess with a woman’s man. Seriously, like, it’s Catwoman. What were you expecting, Joker?

Deathbed #5 (of 6) (Vertigo)

Joshua Williamson (W) Riley Rossmo (A)

This isn’t a story about the world’s most interesting man, it definitely is, but it’s also about something more serious. This is a story about owning up to your mistakes. It’s about growing as a person by accepting that you aren’t perfect and you may have hurt people on your way to where ever you are going. It’s a warning about the price of success. It’s also about weird sex cults, but that’s neither here nor there.

Infidel #4 (of 5) (Image)

Pornsak Pichetshote (W) Aaron Campbell/Jose Villarrubia (A)

I am in love with this book. I will follow these creators to the grave. This book is such an expertly crafted horror story/meditation on the effects of trauma. It’s brilliant to its core and I’ll be shilling it for years to come.

Deadly Class #35 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Wes Craig (A)

I really shouldn’t have to tell you about this book anymore. In a few months (I think), it will be mainstream knowledge that this book is great, because you’ll be watching it on your tv and wondering “Hey, didn’t some stranger on the internet tell me that this was great?”. I am that stranger.

Gideon Falls #4 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Andrea Sorrentino (A)

This book is straight nightmare fuel. There is no other word for it. I think part of the reason it is so successful as a thriller/horror is because the world they live in is so rich, so detailed, you might mistake it for your own town. This horror lies close to your heart.

They entered the lobby and immediately hit a wall of bodies. There was hushed talking, and questions being thrown around at the people at the front of this mass of people. Jared was able to look over some heads and what he saw at the head of it all was a group of people with horrified looks on their faces. He heard a scream and pushed his way to the front of the group. He looked out at nothing. Where the parking lot had been was now an inky field of…nothing.