A siren sings its song throughout the night. Wailing up and down streets, reverberating across the slick walls of dark alleyways. Vibrating glass panes, faintly drifting in cracked windows left open to the cool, wet breeze. Invading the air between stiff family members at a quiet dinner. Their glow plasters walls, and reflects off windows with blinding clarity. Everyone knows what the song means for their fair city.

spider gwen annual 1

Spider-Gwen Annual #1 (Marvel)

Jason Latour (W) Chris Brunner (A)

Interested to see where this goes. Apparently this is going to set up stories that are going to be going throughout next year in the Spider-Gwen comic. We’ll see. Hopefully it isn’t a cheap way for them to steal my five bucks.

captain america steve rogers 2

Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 (Marvel)

Nick Spencer (W) Jesus Saiz (A)

Holy cheeseballs! This series already has one of the biggest backlashes I’ve ever seen in the comic book world. I mean, the ending twist is a bit crazy, but come on, it’s a comic. That’s comic from a guy who could probably buy a starter house with the money he’s spent of the worthless picture books. All that said, it was a really good issue and I’m beyond excited to see what happens next. Take that internet!

all new all different avengers 11

All New All Different Avengers #11 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Mahmud A. Asrar (W)

The Avengers have taken to space. I mean they immediately got their collective asses kicked, but they totally made it there. I’m like 99% sure they’ll get out of this one. Sidenote, the adult members of this team; Android, human, and God alike, are totally assholes to these kids. What the hell Cap?


Bloodshot Reborn #14 (Valiant)

Jeff Lemire (W) Mico Suayan (A)

If you were a governmental kill machine with evil nanobots in your bloodstream, AND you were stuck on a deserted island, AND you could only take one item, what would it be. Probably a gun. I’m gonna go with a gun.


Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #1 of 5 (Image)

Mark Millar (W) Frank Quitely (A)

It’s finally here. For Christ’s sake, it took you long enough Millar. To be fair, I’ve waited way longer for comics before, but I felt cheated by the last volume’s ending. I need to know what is going on now. You can’t do that to me, man.

uncanny inhumans 11

Uncanny Inhumans #11 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Carlos Pacheco (A)

Karnak is here to break your bones in the most satisfying way possible. When fools need to be slapped, call in Karnak. Trademarked by me 2016. That’s right Marvel. Eat it.

black panter 3

Black Panther #3 (Marvel)

Ta-Nehisi Coates (W) Brian Stelfreeze (A)

This comic is a real thinking man’s comic. I love it. They draw so many parallels to injustices committed in our own country. It’s a brilliant commentary on the modernization of society, technology, and of course, the inescapable hate in the heart of man.

spiderman deadpool 6

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 (Marvel)

Scott Aukerman (W) Reilly Brown (A)

Normally I get really down about guest writers. Only in the way that it takes a little away from the main writer’s vision and pacing. This is not one of those times. I am a huge fan of Scott Aukerman, creator of Comedy Bang Bang!, producer of Between Two Ferns, and writer for Mr.Show. I can only expect this comic to be hilarious.


Plutona #5 of 5 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W) Emi Lenox (A)

I am really sad to see this comic go. It was a brilliant idea that was executed in an even more brilliant-er way. I am probably going to scoop this as a condensed trade too, just so I don’t feel guilty wearing out the pages.


East of West #27 (Image)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A)

So, remember when I predicted shit was going to go down. It went down. This is not a drill. A lot of pieces are coming together right now. Damn you Hickman and your devious long game writing.

The breath is already air by the time the emergency vehicles arrive. Another lifetime swallowed whole by the city as if it were so many rough cigarettes. More children left unborn, futures changed. The city shrugs and turns its back on the alley.