Old man Joseph sat on his sun stained porch, admiring the shifting world around him. Somewhere underneath his rocking chair, deep in the soil, life was born into the earth. From his chair he watched the bleached asphalt wither and crack in the brilliant son. A nat landed on a wrinkle resting under his eye, one that’s genesis was a lifetime of happiness. He fanned at it, careful not to crush it under his fingertips. He gazed benevolently as the Sphinx’s riddle unfurled all around him.

empress 3

Empress #3 of 7 (Marvel)

Mark Millar (W) Stuart Immonen (A)

Wow, this tells you how good this week is. I mean to have Mark Millar at the top of the stack. This is a really good series too. Damn.


Detective Comics #934 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Eddy Barrows (A)

Okay, so guys I messed up. I meant to pick up the number one of this comic back in 1937, but I missed out. I’ve only just caught up now. Seriously though. Old school numbering, and a great team. I’m down.


Injection #10 (Image)

Warren Ellis (W) Declan Shalvey (A)

This last arc has been badass. It really rekindled my interest in this series after I felt the end of the first arc got a little convoluted. I am really excited to see where this story goes.

Daredevil #8 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Matteo Buffagni (A)

Oh shit, it looks like we may be getting an issue that lets Soule play around with DD’s new sidekick, Blindspot. I think this character has a lot of developing to do, but soon he will be a viable new hero in the Marvel universe. I’m digging it.


Aquaman: Rebirth #1 (DC)

Dan Abnett (W) Oscar Jimenez (A)

I was going to skip out on this series, but lets be serious. Abnett brought us the Guardians that eventually graced screens across the world, he also wrote on of my favorite series recently. I’ll give it a shot.


Constantine: The Hellblazer #13 (DC)

Ming Doyle/James Tynion IV (W) Eryk Donovan (A)

Actually really sad that this series is ending. It’s been a really great run and I feel it was too short. I expect this series to go out with a nice final message. Well, maybe not nice. You know, it is Constantine.


Renato Jones: The One Percent #2 (Image)

Kaare Andrews (W) Kaare Andrews (A)

Do you like spectacle? Are you a 99%er? Lets face it, you probably are. Do you like grindhouse film? If you said yes to any of the aforementioned questions read this god damned comic. If you didn’t, what the hell is wrong with you. Seriously?


Wolf #8 (Image)

Ales Kot (W) Lee Loughridge (A)

Man this series jumps around more than House of Pain. There has been some serious time swapping going around. Only means I get to read it again. Poor me.


Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 (DC)

Greg Rucka (W) Paulo Siqueria/ Liam Sharp(A)

Okay, so I am super fucking excited for this series. Look at that talent. Look at it and marvel…er uh or not. You know what I’m saying.


The Flash: Rebirth #1 (DC)

Joshua Williamson (W) Carmine Di Giandomenico (A)

I love Williamson’s work. I wasn’t a fan of Illuminati, but I am sure that was just the fact that it was a boring team in my opinion. That being said, I am glad that DC gave him a chance to work on such a heavy hitter. They also teamed him up with a phenominal artist. I’m guessing this is going to be a great series.


The Fix #3 (Image)

Nick Spencer (W) Steve Lieber (A)

This series is absolutely hysterical. If someone doesn’t pick this story up to be adapted into a movie, I’ll be shocked. That’s only two issues in. Seriously, pick up this series. Nick Spencer is an incredible writer, yeah I said it.

In the blink of an eye, boys became men became just as weathered as he himself. As time continued, as it inevitably did, the years grew shorter. Soon he was passively concentrating on a piece of land that seemed to melt and morph century by century, all between breaths. Mountains rising and cresting in between heart beats. Still he sat, timeless as ever, allowing time to wash over him. Embracing its inevitability.