Tony looked at the boxes littered across the floor. All of his belongings, years summed up in the form of boxes of things. It seemed so pitiful from where he stood, but it was a triumph. The act of boxing them, not the stuff. The permanence of the act stuck in his throat. Memories he wanted to wash down with a stiff drink flooded into his mind. It made him sick. This all seemed wrong.

Batman #50 (DC)

Tom King (W) Frank Miller/David Finch/Lee Bermejo/Andy Kubert/Neal Adams/Becky Cloonan/Rafael Albuquerque/Ty Templeton/Mitch Gerads/Joes Luis Garcia-Lopez/Joelle Jones/Mikel Janin (A)

I’m gonna say it. Fuck the noise behind this book. I am still crazy excited for it. If you somehow managed to not hear anything this last week about this book in regards to spoiler, don’t go look it up, just read the book untainted and enjoy it. You know, like a normal functional human being would do. The only reason this is at the top is because I need to read it before Catwoman. It tells me to on the cover.

Catwoman #1 (DC)

Joelle Jones (W/A)

I am absolutely fucking pumped for this book. Joelle Jones is an amazing talent and I’m excited to see her take on such a big property, doing both the words and the funny little pictures. This is a must grab for everyone who likes being right.

Death of the Inhumans #1 (of 5) (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Ariel Olivetti (A)

Oh boy! Another big event that changes the status quo for like a couple minutes until it doesn’t anymore and then things are all better. I’m kidding, but seriously, I feel like I can’t take big events seriously anymore. I’m on board for the team, and I love the Inhumans.

Captain America #1 (Image)

Ta-Nehisi Coates (W) Leinil Fancis Yu (A)

I am super excited to see what this team has in store for us with this book. I have really been digging the newer Captain America stuff and I really love Coates’ take on Black Panther. If you don’t like America, don’t pick up this book. Feel me?

Doctor Strange #3 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Jesus Saiz (A)

This series has a lot of promise. I hate having expectations in terms of story telling, but I really hope that this goes in a different direction from what I’m currently expecting, because if it doesn’t, this may be a book that I drop sooner rather than later.

Prism Stalker #5 (Image)

Sloane Leong (W) Darius Ou (A)

Honestly, I really love the concept on this book. I’m a concept guy through and through. That being said, this book, while pretty, and cool. May not stay on my pull list after this arc is over. Who knows? I’ve been persuaded by final issues before.

Astonishing X-Men #13 (Marvel)

Matthew Rosenberg (W) Greg Land (A)

New team for this old book. Well, not old, but not new? I’m not sure how I should talk about this. Whatever, I’m excited for it. How’s that? Is that good enough? Are you happy? You made the writer boy dance for you. I hope you’re proud.

Sword Daugher #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Brian Wood (W) Mack Chater (A)

This story is moody, quiet, heartfelt and pretty damn brutal. I’m interested to see where it goes. I really love Smallwoods covers, and that’s why I ended up picking up issue one on the fly. That’s why you never trust me. I’m irresponsible.

Jimmy’s Bastards #9 (Aftershock)

Garth Ennis (W) Russell Braun (A)

My biggest issue with this series is that I never fucking know when it is actually going to come out. It’s always a crap shoot. I know Aftershock is a little more lenient with their release schedule, but damn, reign these guys in a little. I want to finish this book.

Avengers #4 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Ed McGuinness/ Paco Medina (A)

Welp, there goes Loki fucking things up again. Bringing down the wrath of thousand year old celestials to rain evil mucky mayhem on the world. What a Loki move.

Justice League #3 (DC)

Scott Snyder (W) Jorge Jimenez (A)

This book is going to get really bonkers in the next few months. I can already tell that Snyder is up to his Snyder-y shenanigans again and I am so ready for it. Three issues in and I’m not even sure who the main villian is, there are so many moving parts to this story.

The Grave Diggers Union #8 (of 9) (Image)

Wes Craig (W) Toby Cypress (A)

This sad weird little tale is winding down. I really love this book. It kinda came out of nowhere for me but I ended up falling madly in love with the funny dark world it built. I know all good things must end.

The Immortal Hulk #2 (Marvel)

Al Ewing (W) Joe Bennett (A)

Can we talk about the covers for this book for just a minute. Now, the book itself is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but look at that cover. I love Alex Ross, but I think this is some of the best work he has done in years. I am in awe of every solicitation. My boy killin’ it.

Paper Girls #22 (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan (W) Cliff Chiang (A)

I have the distinct feeling that this arc is going to hurt my heart in ways I was not ready for. Cancer fucking sucks.

Death or Glory #3 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Bengal (A)

This book is like if you mixed Crank with Preacher and mixed in some Death Proof just for funzies. I really love the direction this book is going. It’s a new vibe for Remender and I love it with all of my rotting heart.

The Highest House #5 (of 6) (IDW)

Mike Carey (W) Peter Gross (A)

Well, I am broken. I just found out that this was a six issue limited series minutes before writing this. This book is incredible. It’s one of the most vivid, engrossing fantasy stories that I’ve ever read and I cannot wait for you to read it.

Royal City #12 (of 14) (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W/A)

This book is almost everything that I look for in a comic. It’s smart, heartfelt, real, and melancholic. All things Lemire is know for handling well. I really hope you invest in this book when you get the chance. Please do, you deserve it.

She had gone on a week long vacation. She called it that to hurt him, he knew that. It worked. Knowing something doesn’t make you immune to it. All of her venom had poisoned him over the last week. Ever since he had the realization that he couldn’t stay here. Not with her, not in this place. Everything needed to chance. The only way he could live was if he lived now. The future wasn’t promised. It was a bunch of bullshit he had read in a book, and it all seemed wrong now. Now was all there was for him. The past already burned.