Taylor looked down at the work that she had just finished. It was a monument to the suburban life she had enjoyed for so long. Literally. The small scale model of her entire neighborhood took up most of the space in her basement. She had actually completed it for the first time almost ten years ago, but the job was never finished. Maybe the Smith family painted their house a lovely evergreen color this year, or the Masons built a new addition. Don’t get her started on the greenery of the neighborhood. It was a constant job. For instance the new cellar door on the Jameson’s house….Wait. She didn’t put that there.

The Sandman Universe #1 (DC)

Neil Gaiman/Simon Spurrier/Dan Watters/Nalo Hopkinson/Kat Howad (W) Bilquis Evely/Dominike Stanton/Tom Fowler/Max Fiumara/ Sebastian Fiumara (A)

I am really excited for this issue, which is weird because, so far, I am not really interested in any of the comics that are going to be part of this imprint. I’m kinda hoping that some of these little teaser stories will pique my interest in the new universe.

Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel)

Dan Slott (W) Sara Pichelli/Skottie Young/Simone Bianchi (A)

Fuck. Fuck, I am so happy that this is happening. I’m really hoping that Slott kills it with this book. I am loving what he is doing with his Iron Man series so far, but after Superior Spiderman, I fell off of his run on the series. We’ll have to see.

Exiles #6 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Rod Reis (A)

Still not completely sold on this book. I don’t know, this might have to get cut soon. I love multiverse stuff, but since each issue is a new world, they don’t really get a chance to explore the worldbuilding they could be. It just ends up feeling like a bunch of high-concept ideas with little substance to them.

Eternity Girl #6 (of 6) (Young Animal)

Magdalene Visaggio (W) Sonny Liew (A)

I am not at all sure I know what the hell is happening in this book. I think that is by design. I do know that it has a crazy meta streak that I absolutely love. I have probably said it before, but this is a book that you sit down and read all the way through on a rainy day.

Farmhand #2 (Image)

Rob Guillory (W/A)

This book is full of creepy, awesome, funny ideas. The first issue felt a little flat to me. That is never really a solid way to decipher a comic’s effectiveness though. It’s like judging a book by the first chapter, which is just nuts.

Catwoman #2 (DC)

Joëlle Jones (W/A)

This book is fucking gorgeous. Seriously, it has no right to be this fucking pretty. I love the idea to the first arc, even though I’m getting weird flashbacks to the Catwoman movie. Not in anything other than costume design, thank god.

Wonder Woman #52 (DC)

Steve Orlando (W) ACO (A)

Orlando’s first issue was awesome. I loved it, he managed to capture the tone perfectly and now I’m afraid I’ll miss him when his arc is over. Fuck.

Sideways #7 (DC)

Dan DiDio (W) Kenneth Rocafort (A)

Well, here’s that cover that made me think horrible things were gonna happen. Surprise. Horrible things did, infact, happen. So I was right, and that hurts.

Old Man Logan #45 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)

I am loving this arc. I fucking love the art, as I’ve said before, but this is really just a chance for Brisson to wrap up the work he did on the Bullseye mini series. Something I didn’t know I needed.

Sword Daughter #3 (Dark Horse)

Brian Wood (W) Mack Chater (A)

I thought this was coming out a week or two ago. It didn’t. It’s coming out this week. The magic of comics! I also thought this series was ending on this issue. Jury’s still out on that one. I really hope it isn’t though, it’s been a very fun comic so far.

Daredevil #606 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Phil Noto (A)

Noto on art makes me giddy with excitement. The whole thing about this “SPINNING OUT OF THE EVENTS OF THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE” bit makes me a little hesitant. I can’t be the only one who really doesn’t care that Wolverine is back, right?

Oblivion Song #6 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Lorenzo De Felici (A)

Uh? Alien Stolkholm Syndrome: THE BOOK!

Plastic Man #3 (of 6) (DC)

Gail Simone (W) Adriana Melo (A)

I absolutely love this series. You are a fool if you skip out on this wonderful comic book. It’s pretty much what I’ve been saying since issue one. So you know, like a couple weeks ago. Read this book, that’s all I’m saying.

Amazing Spider-man #3 (Marvel)
Nick Spencer (W) Ryan Ottley (A)


Maestros #7 (Image)

Steve Skroce (W/A)

I was seriously scared that this was going to be the last issue of this book. Gladly, this romp through pain, gore, and college level psychology will continue on in the not so distant future. Huzzah.

She Could Fly #2 (Berger Books)

Christopher Cantwell (W) Martin Morazzo (A)

Holy shit, the first issue of this book was incredible. It was a deeply intelligent look at mental health issues, and honestly, despite the apparent issues that the main character has, I identify with her intensely. The paranoid thoughts of every person are perfectly characterized. Please pick this up.

Death or Glory #4 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Bengal (A)

Come on. You’re reading this right? You have to be. I’m judging you.

She bent down to get a better look. This model was like her child, she knew everything that she had done to it. There was no way she would have missed it. A thought passed through her mind and a chill ran down her spine. Her feet almost didn’t touch the ground as she ran out of her house and to her neighbors. She looked through the windows to see if Ms. Jameson was home. The house was empty, so Taylor ran around back, and there it was. In all it’s mysterious glory sat the cellar door, open, and ominous.

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