“Will they hear my last breath?” Sam thought. He wondered if the slick black walls that closed him into this alley would echo loud enough to disturb anyone. He held a gun at his side. It twisted around his finger, threatening to fall. He still wasn’t sure what he wanted.


Afterlife with Archie #10 (Archie Comics)
Roberto Aguirre Sacasa (W) Francesco Francavilla (A)
I honestly don’t know how long I’ll continue reading this comic. It’s really hard to get excited for a comic that takes so long to come out for such little pay off. This may be a series that I start picking up when they collect it.


Spider-Gwen #11 (Marvel)
Jason Latour (W) Robbi Rodriguez (A)
Seems like losing powers is a common theme running through the heart of Marvel comics recently. That being said, with a character as new as this one, I can’t imagine it will stick for long.

ms. marvel 10

Ms. Marvel #10 (Marvel)
G. Willow Wilson (W) Takeshi Miyagawa (A)
Man, it sucks being an adult. All that whimsy and nativity becomes laughable. The things you enjoyed become childish, and as a result, obsolete and unfufilling. I don’t care what they say, I still love comics.


Bloodshot Reborn #16 (Valiant)
Jeff Lemire (W) Mico Suayan (A)
This arc has really tickled my fancy. It’s been one good issue after another. I really hope that this series continues with this quality. It’s been a steady favorite since its first issue.


Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #3 of 5 (Image)
Mark Millar (W) Frank Quitely (A)
Shit is about to get an extra helping of real at no added cost. This series has been solid so far, I’m just intrigued about the direction. Can we expect a Ocean’s Eleven style wrap up?


East of West #29 (Image)
Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A)
Hey, Hickman actually gets to a major plot point. I feel like these last five issues have had more substance than whole chunks of this series. Not that the rest is bad, I just feel like this is an info overload for Hickman and he’s going to be dropping a huge bombshell very soon.


Saga #37 (Image)
Brian K. Vaughan (W) Fiona Staples (A)
Apparently, this issue starts a stand alone arc. I am eagerly awaiting the awesomeness that has been advertised. I can only image that it will be everything we’ve ever wanted and more. Dig it.


Tokyo Ghost #10 (Image)
Rick Remender (W) Sean Murphy (A)
Bitter sweet love. I am so happy that we are getting a finale to this story. It’s one of the most brilliantly unhealthy love stories I’ve ever read. On par with Harley and Joker. With the finale comes the realization that this story is, in fact, over. There will be no more. That fills me with plague, with viscous darkness that threatens to envelope me. It was fun.

There is a quiet after a gunshot. A vacuum that eats the moment. Pregnant with curiosity and tragedy, it is always followed by regret. Any time blood slips to the ground, there is regret, even in it’s most basic sense. It didn’t disturb his neighbors, that was the good thing. It was only a warning.