The dusting had been done in the rest of the house. Vas had poured themselves a glass of bourbon. The creatures skittered under their cloak as the alcoholic liquid touched many lips. They shuddered, not at the booze, but at the task ahead. They steeled themselves against insurmountable odds. After a long period of rest, they rose from the chair. Stragglers left behind on the chair to clean up the mess. They moved, one solid mass, to the door and opened it slowly.

Hulk #9 (Marvel)

Mariko Tamaki (W) Georges Duarte (A)

I dig this comic, and I’ll be sticking to it for a while longer, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to keep me invested. I’ll be the first to say that spectacle doesn’t necessarily make for good comics, but when it comes to superheroes, spectacle doesn’t hurt.

Ms. Marvel #21 (Marvel)

G. Willow Wilson (W) Marco Failla (A)

I’m interested to see who the friend turned foe is. This is exactly what I was saying about spectacle. In a super comic, I should say “oh, shit” at least once.

Justice League of America #12 (DC)

Steve Orlando (W) Ivan Reis (A)

THE HUNT FOR RAY PALMER! Plus everyone gets real small for an issue. Batman fights Bacteria or something. Probably not, that’s what I’d write, and there’s a reason I’m not writing this.

Detective Comics #962 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Alvaro Martinez (A)

The nineties are back boi! Get out your pouches and extra EDGE. We’re goin’ in!

Babyteeth #3 (After Shock)

Donny Cates (W) Garry Brown (A)

What if the Anti-Christ weren’t so bad? Just a baby that needs a little blood now and again. Also, the savage reckoning of a planet of people. But that’s later.

Old Man Logan #27 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Mike Deodato (A)

Old man with chain gun kills entire family of friendly green giants. This series has been solid since Lemire left. You have this amazing team to thank for that.

Defenders #4 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) David Marquez (A)

This series is a great think to read if you are impatient with Netflix. If they can capture the feeling that this comic has, they will have a hit on their hands, no doubt. Not my favorite Defenders series, but a damn good one.

Mister Miracle #1 (of 12) (DC)

Tom King (W) Mitch Gerads (A)

Super fucking excited for this series. I’ve been waiting for this to come out for months now and I have to say, what I’ve heard about it only makes me more excited. You need to pick this up.

Manifest Destiny #30 (Image)

Chris Dingess (W) Matthew Roberts (A)

Arc ending for one of my favorite comics means that I’m hoping the hiatus isn’t too bad. One can only hope.

Kill or Be Killed #11 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Sean Phillips (A)

I was talking about how this may currently be my favorite Image title on the shelves. It’s such a beautiful deconstruction of the vigilante trope. I think this is one that will be talked about for many many years.

The thing about the Library out of Time, was that, due to it’s temporal nature, it never stopped expanding. This made cleaning it a real nightmare. Again due to it’s ability to warp the dimensions of time, you never aged and when you returned to the outside world only moments will have passed. The lucky stragglers left behind to clean the half emptied glass of Bourbon and wipe down the counter, will have only missed the Hive Mass for minutes. Vas the Mass on the other hand will be cleaning the hell hole for the next century give or take a dozen years. Vas needed a new job.