Rain tap-tap-tapped on the broken window pane. A boppy melody to the storm seemed inviting. The sun shone through the clouds, defiant and strange. Despite the sun, the house was cold. Frigid from years of wind striping the life from the stained counter tops and overturned vases. A chaos still-life, beautiful and sad. Wet heads ran between the columns that leaned against the house, holding up what was left of the porch. Footsteps shaking the silence away.

Batman: Damned #1 (DC)

Brian Azzarello (W) Lee Bermejo (A)

I loved this team when they did Joker. Mind you, I read it when it came out, and haven’t touched it since, so you know. I may be wrong. That being said, I am still excited for this book because Constantine is gonna be in it. Oh, also, it’s the first release from the new Black Label imprint. So, that’s interesting.


Patrick Kindlon (W) Marco Ferrari (A)

I love Kindlon. I’ve loved everything he’s done so far and I expect this to be another great series. I mean look at that title. You can’t deny that you’re interested.

Ether: The Copper Golems #5 (of 5) (Dark Horse)

Matt Kindt (W) David Rubin (A)

I like this book, but I feel like it is like the golden crust on a pie. There is so much underneath the surface, and I don’t feel like we’re really cutting in and getting into meat of what this story could be. That analogy fell apart, but whatever. It’s crusty or something.

Doctor Strange #5 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Jesús Saiz (A)

I really don’t know if I’ll keep reading this book. Honestly, it just hasn’t grabbed me yet, and that’s not really a good sign.

Multiple Man #4 (of 5) (Marvel)

Matthew Rosenberg (W) Andy Macdonald (A)

I don’t know what’s going on. I feel wrong. Why am I bleeding?

Pearl #2 (of 6) (DC)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Michael Gaydos (A)

I liked the first issue of this book, it has a promising concept and it kinda fits the flow of Bendis and Gaydos’ work. Read this book because I told you to ya frikkan loser.

Rumble #7 (Image)

John Arcudi (W) David Rubin (A)


Avengers #8 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) David Marquez (A)

I fucking love Namor. I can’t wait for more Namor. Seriously, any book with him in it mean that I’ll probably buy it because I’m a class A rube.

Curse Words #16 (Image)

Charles Soule (W) Ryan Browne (A)

This arc brings us some strange new variants, I don’t really know what they are, but they all have a fun new gimmick. I love gimmicks. Because I’m a rube. Like I said before.

New Challengers #5 (of 6) (DC)

Scott Snyder (W) Aaron Gillespie (A)

This book has been a pretty surprising little mini series. I’ve really enjoyed it. I like the concept using an issue to introduce and develop each character. It’s fun and fast paced and honestly, worth your time and your dollars.

Thor #5 (Marvel)
Jason Aaron (W) Christian Ward (A)

Come on. I don’t even know what the fuck is going on in this book. King Thor meets Phoenix Wolverine in space in the future? I’m all about it. I think. I mean I like all those words in sequence. So that’s a start.

Venom #6 (Marvel)

Donny Cates (W) Ryan Stegman (A)

Watchmen/Venom feud officially ended. Time to go home everyone.

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Garry Brown (A)

Can I tell you why this is great. It’s great because I fucking said it was great and I can have my own opinions. No but really, Ahmed is a fantastic writer and this is like a fun little precursor to his new run with Miles Morales.

West Coast Avengers #2 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Stefano Caselli (A)

I fucking loved the first issue of this book. That feels like a line I’ve been saying a lot recently. I think when we get older, when the nature of life is revealed just a little more to us, we kinda realize that it’s all okay. You don’t have to hate stuff all the time.

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #5 (Dark Horse)

Jeff Lemire (W) Dean Ormston (A)

The shit. It has manifested. The shit is real now. It’s real as fuck, son.

Days of Hate #8 (of 12) (Image)

Aleš Kot (W) Danijel Žeželj (A)

Life is full of tragic moments. Between the heartbeats of love and the breaths of passion, there exists a small hairline fracture of pain. Living in the world is opening yourself up to pain. Sometimes that pain comes from the world, sometimes you are the pain.

The Wild Storm #17 (WildStorm)

Warren Ellis (W) Jon Davis-Hunt (A)

I can feel the crawling tendrils of this story coming together. It feels weird, but slowly everything is given purpose and I really dig what that means for the outcome of this book.

Justice League #8 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Mikel Janin (A)

Read this book. I feel like I pressure myself to come up with ways to say that books are good. I’m just gonna tell you that you should. Transparency is good.

Batman #55 (DC)

Tom King (W) Tony S. Daniel (A)

I’m not sure how they can move from the last arc to this one. I guess we’ll have to see. I’m excited to go on the journey. You should try it.

Skyward #6 (Image)

Joe Henderson (W) Lee Garbett (A)


The Immortal Hulk #6 (Marvel)

Al Ewing (W) Lee Garbett (A)

Crushing it like a can of soda or something. Maybe like the way the Hulk crushes things that are puny. Yeah, that works better.

Mister Miracle #11 (of 12) (DC)

Tom King (W) Mitch Gerads (A)

The end is nigh. Babies held on high. Is it the choice of mad men to let their people die? One life for more. The choice will rock you to the core. Other words that rhyme and stuff.

Death or Glory #5 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Bengal (A)

This is a little on the campy side for a Remender book, but I find that refreshing. It’s a strange little story about what family is. What family means to people.

Seven To Eternity #11 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Jerome Opeña (A)

Something like the last one, but like, how family betrays you and lies to you a lot and how people are bad. It’s like he got depressed writing this book and wrote Death or Glory. Maybe I’m reading too much into this.

Ice Cream Man #7 (Image)

W. Maxwell Prince (W) Martin Morazzo (A)

Fuck I love this book. It’s twisted and strange. It doesn’t accost you with moral platitudes, but manages to continuously provide us with horrifying allegory. I dig it.

“I really love this place” The girl said gushing through a wide smile. Her eyes traced the lattice up the side of the long abandoned abode. Her eyes full of love, her voice like the hair standing up on the back of your neck. The boy chuckled and watched her. His enthusiasm for her almost matching her’s for the building. She reached through a broken pane near the door and reached around purposely to open the door. Two hearts beating so loud you would have thought the former dwelling was actually alive.

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