Jonathan made his way through the cramped crowd. A sea of backpacks and bright clothing. As he danced around the stumbling mass of eager park-goers, he gripped his sister’s hand tightly, pulling her behind. He took long strides and his sense of urgency opened up a path for him as people shifted to avoid coming in contact with him. When they made it up to the entrance. A man in a bright blue and green valet outfit greeted them with an unnatural smile. Jonathan struggled to pull the wadded up bills out of his pocket, he took caution to step away from the valet, despite the mechanical necklace he wore. The necklace made sure that the prisoner had a wide, welcome smile all day. If they didn’t, they would be sedated and put on another rotation. Happiness has a price. Jonathan forced the money into his hands and bound through the gate.

all-new, all-different avengers 14

All-New All-Different Avengers #14 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Adam Kubert (A)

For some reason, I feel like I’m not getting a whole lot out of this comic recently. I believe it’s because of Waid’s attempt at dealing with the fallout of Civil War II. It’s as if the event is interrupting the flow of the comic.


Batman #6 (DC)

Tom King (W) Ivan Reis (A)

The last issue of this comic was incredible. It also teases a pretty big plot point coming in the near future. This issue is going to be a stand alone, but this series is on the up and up if you ask me.

daredevil 11

Daredevil #11 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Ron Garney (A)

Nothing like a good ole creepy Daredevil story. This arc is being marketed as “the creepiest Daredevil story ever”. We’ll see about that Mr.Soule.


Green Arrow #6 (DC)

Ben Percy (W) Stephen Byrne (A)

I am crazy impressed with this comic. It has been a solid staple of Rebirth since issue one. I cannot wait to see what the next arc brings.

doctor strange 11

Doctor Strange #11 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Chris Bachalo (A)

Magic be gone. Did he really win his battle against the scientific warloards? It sure as hell doesn’t seem like it.


Nailbiter #25 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

Holy shit! Do we finally get a name for the crazy black masked killer? My guess, probably another tease, but who knows. Maybe we’ll get our cake finally.


Paper Girls #9 (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan (W) Cliff Chang (A)

This comic is perplexing. I love the character development, but I have no idea about what’s coming. I mean that’s how it’s supposed to be, I’d imagine. It just makes me all itchy.

moon knight 6

Moon Knight #6 (Marvel)

Jeff Lemire (W) Greg Smallwood (A)

God dammit. The last issue of this comic was such a total utter mind fuck. I am so pumped for this next arc. This is probably one of the top three comics Marvel is putting out, and at this moment, my favorite.


Nowhere Men #11 (Image)

Eric Stephenson (W) Jordie Bellaire (A)

Always a comic close to my heart. I am really excited for this next arc. It’s new arc week apparently. After such horrible luck with delays, I’m just glad we got a third arc.


Kill Or Be Killed #2 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Sean Phillips (A)

There was a moment when I was reading the first issue of this, where I genuinely asked myself if this was the best comic I had ever read. The first issue was perfect in so many ways, the story was phenomenal, the art was gorgeous, the pacing was impeccable. It was a masterpiece. Definitely check this comic out.

As they entered the park, the clusters of people began to break apart and drift their separate ways. Each choosing their own path to a vast selection of wonderful attractions. That’s what the banners over head said at least. Prisoners stood in chemically and mechanically induced stupors, smiling dumbly at passing guests. Occasionally asking if one would like a picture. Suddenly, a giant robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex crested over the fake Victorian buildings lining the pathway. It roared viciously, a mangled dummy hanging in it’s mouth, dripping blood and bile. It chomped on the body and fire shot out of it’s back. A hologram appeared in the flames. “COME SEE VICISAUROUS DEFEAT THE NAZI REGIME!”. The dinosaur sank behind the buildings, to the cheer of a hundred awestruck patrons. As if on cue, they all changed their march, directing themselves towards the spectacle the just enjoyed. Jonathan hated the plastic smell in the air, but this wasn’t for him. His sister bounced excitedly, and dragged him onward.