Hey Towelites! Well I accidently put this together before I noticed Top of the Stack in drafts, but I’m not going to waste it so here you have two comic pull lists from your favorite comic lovin’ Towelites!  I have begun the great comic purge of 2016 and some titles have been dropped, yet still some are holding on. Will they make it another month?! Check out my comic cravings for this week!

skybourne-2Skybourne #2 (BOOM!) – I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I picked up the first issue, now I’m hooked. Swords, sorcery and secret agents?! Count me in!

aliens-definace-6Aliens Defiance #6 (Dark Horse) – This series is probably my favorite Aliens comic in a long time. I do like the big crossovers that have been happening over the past couple years, but this standalone story fits in really well with all of the mythos to come before.

serenity-no-power-1Serenity ‘No Power in the Verse’ (Dark Horse) – It’s been awhile since we went on an adventure with Mal and crew. You can never get enough Serenity!

blue-beetle-2Blue Beetle #2 (DC Comics) – I’m really happy with this book so far. I wasn’t always a big fan of the Reyes BB but throw in Ted Kord and have them play off each other? Priceless. Not to mention the magic element to the story.

deathstroke-5Deathstroke #5 (DC Comics) -When Rebirth first launched this was one book I never would have imagined that I’d be reading this far in, but I am and I love it. This issue throws in a little of the Bat family and that is always a good thing.

flash-9Flash #9 (DC Comics) – The two Wally’s cross paths?! Ha, and I thought I was done picking up this book. Keep it coming please.

hal-jordan-7Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (DC Comics) – Another great hit that not too many people are talking about, at least to me. I am a big Sinestro fan so this current arc is just killing it for me. Not to mention that the book has MOST of the Lanterns in it including Guy, yeah good times.

teen-titans-1Teen Titans #1 (DC Comics) – I really liked the Rebirth One Shot and it inspired me to at least check out the first couple issues. With Percy completely owning Green Arrow I really want to see what he can do with one of my favorite comic book teams.

titans-4Titans #4 (DC Comics) – Speaking of favorite comic book teams, Titans is a great title. This is like Wally West’s own comic with the benefit of having Nightwing and crew hanging out and it’s also kind of the backbone of the whole Rebirth initiative. I can’t wait for this title to crossover with Deathstroke when they do The Judas Contract!

wonder-woman-9Wonder Woman #9 (DC Comics) – This series is just comic gold. The switch back and forth between the different time periods is a thing of genius. It’s like getting two Wonder Woman titles a month with the benefit of having Greg Pak along for both rides.

punisher-annual-1Punisher Annual #1 (Marvel) – Always a guilty pleasure. Still super sad about the death of Steve Dillon, he was one of the greats. The bad thing about this annual? As usual you don’t get the ‘main run’ team on this book.

star-wars-24Star Wars #24 (Marvel) – A stormtrooper who uses a lightsaber?! Need I say more?!! Jason Aaron is taking this title to new heights and it’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan.

poe-7Poe Dameron #7 (Marvel) – So I really didn’t know how I was going to feel about this series but I should have known better with Charles Soule writing it. It is a ton of fun and I love to see the expansion of this time period of Star Wars canon.