Hey this is a relatively Superhero light week you guys. At least for me, as I am staying away from Convergence o the recommendation of not one, but two completely different comic shops telling me that it was awful. That along with my own reservations with the concept lead me hear. Long live independent work! Did you hear that? The booming echo, calling us into battle. I think Top of the Stack is on the horizon.


Black Widow 17Black Widow #17 (Marvel)

Nathan Edmondson (W) Phil Noto (A)

This is another time when I can honestly say that looks can be deceiving. This is an amazing comic, brilliant storytelling and fantastic art. The last issue blew my mind, I am thrilled for the final days of Black Widow, not so much the fact that the series is ending.

Ivar Timewalker 4Ivar, Timewalker #4 (Valiant)

Fred Van Lente (W) Clayton Henry (A)

I love this series. It’s fun, quick witted, and just full of energy. Things are not what they seem in this comic. That’s definitely a good thing. I cannot wait for more of this puzzle to be revealed.

GOTG 26Guardians of the Galaxy #26 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Valerio Schiti (A)

The first issue coming out of Black Vortex (finally). I love this comic but shame on them for making me follow five comics to read one story. I ain’t doin’ it. Ya can’t make me.

Lazarus 16Lazarus #16 (Image)

Greg Rucka (W) Michael Lark (A)

The last issue of this comic was incredible. I am really anticipating this arc as it moves ahead. With a ton of new material to explore and an unbelievable shocker at the end of issue fifteen, I need to know more about what is going to happen to the Carlyles.

Avengers Wolrd 20Avengers World #20 (Marvel)

Frank J. Barbiere (W) Marco Checchetto (A)

This comic is completely necessary if you have been reading Avengers and New Avengers. Up until this point I would have argued the opposite, but these last few issues clear up a lot about what happened when we jumped 8 months ahead.

Star Wars 4Star Wars #4 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) John Cassaday (A)

This series has been pretty awesome so far. I’m very excited to see how this story moves on. One thing that interests me, will the series end once we get to the events of The Empire Strikes Back? Or will the format just change? Only time will tell.

Frankenstein Underground 2Frankenstein Underground #2 of 5 (Dark Horse)

Mike Mignola (W) Ben Stenbeck (A)

I really really loved the first issue of this limited. It was dark and explored the Shelly version of the character with a new Mignola twist. I could honestly see the character he has nurtured become a member of BRPD. Still unsure if this exists within the same universe, I feel it’s safe to say that it is.

Velvet 10Velvet #10 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Steve Epting (A)

With the second arc wrapping up, I can’t wait to read more of this comic. I just wish it would come out more often. Velvet was last left stranded, screwed if you will, on a train with authorities at either side of her. I expect some fantastic badassery to ensue.

The Life After 9The Life After #9 (Oni Press)

Joshua Hale Fialkov (W) Gabo (A)

This series is hysterical. Ernest Hemmingway just fought his way out of the Devil’s tempting illusion of hell once he realized that no one remembered who he was and he couldn’t write. Seriously, this is a sleeper hit. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this.

Divinity 3Divinity #3 of 4 (Valiant)

Matt Kindt (W) Trevor Hairsine (A)

This series has blown me away. To think that I was originally going to pass this one up. Don’t make my mistake people, Valiant is back with a vengeance. They have been hitting homeruns over and over again. I just read Bloodshot Reborn and that too is a knockout. You’d be a confused person to let this go unread.

Manifest DestinyManifest Destiny #14 (Image)

Chris Dingess (W) Mattew Roberts (A)

I really love this series. It struck some note in my heart, one that needed desperately to be sound. It borders on campy, whilst maintaining a very serious tone when it knows it needs it. Who knew traversing across America could be both so entertaining and impossibly dangerous.

Deadly Class 12Deadly Class #12 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Wesley Craig (A)

This series is dark, but with darkness can come humor. I feel that that should always be the case. This series definitely weighs on the dark side though. I had a conversation at my local comic house of comic books, comic. We talked about the depressing nature of Remender’s stories and how I feel the need to sit down and ask him “do you need someone to talk to?” That being said, depression and overwhelming adversity breed some of the best stories, this is a key example of that.

There we go, some of my favorite Image titles coming out this week, but more importantly, Valiant claiming a plot in the ever changing homestead that is my pull list. Which is in turn an extension of my heart. Well played guys. Until next time, stay smart yous guys.


Top of the Stack: Comic Book New Releases for 4/22/15