A nice week this week, I am genuinely excited to have this smattering of new comics along with some much anticipated series. Also potentially the final week for some of my weaker reads. Good grief, it’s Top of the Stack.

Spiderman 2099 12Spider-Man 2099 #12 (Marvel)

Peter David (W) Will Sliney (A)

This is a series that I’m actually fairly glad is already ending. It has just dragged on from Spider-Verse and still hasn’t picked its pace back up. If I’m not mistaken, this is the last Spider-Man 2099 issue before Secret Wars ends it. Sadly, not a fond farewell.

birthright 7Birthright #7 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Andrei Bressan (A)

This series had a very strong start and a lot of potential, but this suffers from what I call Creator Owned Syndrome. Not all creator owned comics fall into this category, but it is when a creator has a really solid idea, and a fantastic first arc, but then immediately loses momentum when faced with the task of building an ongoing. This one may not be on my pull for much longer.

Howard the Duck 3Howard The Duck #3 (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky (W) Joe Quinones (A)

This series is funny. What I expected, but some of the jokes seem topical and when read, just kind of fall flat. There is a definite line separating the performed joke and the read joke. Hopefully, Zdarsky finds his stride with this one soon.

auteur 1The Auteur: Sister Bambi #1 (Oni Press)

Rick Spears (W) James Callahan (A)

This is the sequel to one of the strangest, most fetishized, most violent comics of yesteryear. It was a comic that piqued my interest in the most disturbing way. This series we follow the downfall(?) or upfall (?) of our insane Michael Bay meets Troma auteur, Nathan T. Rex as he goes on to make another gorefest featuring Ninjas and Nazis.

Mythic 1Mythic #1 (Image)

Phil Hester (W) John McCrea (A)

Okay, I have to admit, a synopsis will often be the deal maker or breaker when looking into new series. I often pass up on good comics because the logline doesn’t quite strike me. Then there is this one. Imagine that old Marvel series Damage Control, but instead of superhero clean up, they deal with magical clean up and the concealment of the magical universe from us normies. Interesting, no?

Rick Morty 2Rick & Morty #2 (Oni Press)

Zac Gorman (W) CJ Cannon (A)

I love this show and when I picked up the first issue, I was afraid they wouldn’t catch exactly what made the show so funny and meta. My fears were extinguished when I read the first issue. It felt just like an episode of the show, to a tee. I support this comic.

D4ave 4D4ve #4 (of 5) (IDW)

Ryan Ferrier (W) Ramon Valentin (A)

This comic is just hysterical. I love it and I can’t emphasize enough that this is the perfect example of keeping your eyes open. I somehow missed everything leading up to this comic, I had no idea it was coming out, and when I saw it in shops I gave it a chance. A chance well used.

Injection 1Injection #1 (Image)

Warren Ellis (W) Declan Shalvey (A)

I love me some Warren Ellis, this is another case of loglines saving the day. Not only do I enjoy the writer, but its about a poison that is given to everyone in the world. They all have a deadline to save themselves. Interesting idea, I can only hope chaos ensues.

Uncanny Avengers 4Uncanny Avengers #4 (Marvel)

Rick Remender (W) Daniel Acuña (A)

This series is pretty incredible. I always say this but seriously, can anyone remind me why I dropped it during the first series?

Astro City 23Astro City #23 (Vertigo)

Kurt Busiek (W) Brent Eric Anderson (A)

We start a new saga this week. If it is anything like the last story they told, I’m sold. Seriously, the last issue felt as if it could have been the last story Busiek ever told, I am glad it wasn’t

Thor 8Thor #8 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) Russell Dauterman (W)

The time is here. It is time. Because it is here now. The time, that is. We finally get to know who is behind that mask. Before anyone says anything, yes I know they just released the info online, but I am going to hide myself in a hole until I read the comic.

Chrononauts 3Chrononauts #3 (Image)

Mark Millar (W) Sean Murphy (A)

In true Millar fashion we cut right to the bone on this one. No filler bullshit, not dilly-dallying, just straight up story progression. It’s almost a little jarring how fast he gets into the shit. Almost.

Ms Marvel 15Ms. Marvel #15 (Marvel)

Willow Wilson (W) Takeshi Miyagawa (A)

I am worried about this series. I mean I’m sure it will be in good hands and all that good stuff, but after this issue, it’s Secret Wars and Wilson has hinted that it may come back under a new creative team. I really love what Wilson has done and I hope she doesn’t leave this comic.

ODYC-5ODY-C #5 (Image)

Matt Fraction (W) Christian Ward (A)

This goregoues rainbow of color is still wowing me. I mean every issue is put together so carefully, it’s really incredible the amount of handle that Fraction has on this story. It’s masterfully crafted, albeit sculpted from something that was already a masterpiece, he evolves it.

East of West 19East of West #19 (Image)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A)

This series just recently passed the “my friend is very critical of comic books” test. He loved it. You should love it too, and by that I mean spend money on it.

Black Science 14Black Science #14 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Matteo Scalera (A)

This series mangles whats left of my heart. Seriously, I can’t spoil anything, but the last issue was probably the most heart sinking issue to date. The final moments just make you want to curl up in a ball and pretend everything is okay.

Saga 28Saga #28 (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan (W) Fiona Staples (A)

This series is always a pleasure. I mean the only reason it isn’t leagues about Secret Wars is I’ve already spent so many manhours on Hickman’s Avengers runs. I mean really though. This is the best creator owned comic on shelves. If you enjoy this, check out Private Eye on Panelsyndicate.com. BKV just released the final issue of his ten part, pay-what-you-want saga. It’s amazing as well.

Secret Wars 2Secret Wars #2 of 8 (Marvel)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Esad Ribic (A)

I can’t even believe how much just happened in the first issue. I mean I could list off about a dozen Marvel Universe changing results from this issue and that wouldn’t even be scratching the surface. One thing is for sure. Everything is dead. Spoilers.


There you go! Everything is changing. Including the bad comics, and by that I mean they are getting taken from my pull list. Yeah, sorry guys. Not everything is good, but some things are worth the chance to be great. Until next time, Stay Smart.