A small week is only the start of my now aggressively shrinking pull list. Normally I’d be all on board with Secret Wars and the tie-ins, but this time, well, I need money. With life beckoning me, I feel that spending money on tie ins that will soon become irrelevant isn’t really worth my time. That isn’t to say that the tie-ins are bad, but I can’t dish out the cash. That being the case, I’d rather pick only a very few to follow. Oh, my god was that a UFO? No, you idiot, it was me, writing this weekly article in an air conditioned room isolated from the rest of the universe. Top of the Stack.


a-force 1

A-Force #1 (Marvel)

Willow Wilson/Margaret Bennett (W) Jorge Molina (A)

So this is one that I am potentially going to drop soon after it starts. I am very interested in the creative team and the premise, seeing as it will be going on after Secret Wars, so they say, but I will just have to see. Often times with duel writers of this nature, one will drop out later and the other will continue. EG Nick Spencer and Ales Kot for Secret Avengers and Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman for Avengers World.

guardians of the galaxy 27

Guardians of the Galaxy #27 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Valerio Schiti (A)

I am kind of sad to be admitting this, but I am a little happy this series is ending. It was losing some of the momentum it had in the beginning much like some other comics with great opening, I’m looking at you Amazing Spider-Man.

star wars 5

Star Wars #5 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) John Cassaday (A)

I am really just kind of meh on this series right now. Without a whole lot going on in the comic to keep me attached, this might become a trade pick-up. Sadly I don’t see much of a future on my list for this title.


Master of Kung Fu #1 of 4 (Marvel)

Haden Blackman (W) Dalibor Talajic (A)

A tie-in that I am actually really excited about. If there was anything I loved about the Elektra series Blackman just wrote, it was the kickass, kicking ass scenes, and this series is going to be ripe with those. I mean come on, it’s called Master of Kung Fu and it follows a drunken failure in a world of Martial Arts experts. I’m down.

secret wars battleworld 1

Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 of 4 (Marvel)

Joshua Williamson/Ed Brisson (W) Mike Henderson/Scott Hepburn (A)

One of the “necessary” tie-ins to the Secret Wars. This specifically takes the different zones of Battleworld and has them, well, battle. In classic event tie-in fashion, each issue will feature a couple stories from a couple different creative teams. Always fun short form chaos.


Ufology #2 of 6 (Boom!)

James Tynion IV (W) Matt Fox (A)

I found out this series is actually a limited. I am a little sad about that. Actually no I’m not. I think this is a great story, but I am growing to love the idea of limited runs. Allows the creator to fully realize the story without risking stagnation.

daredevil 15.1

Daredevil #15.1 (Marvel)

Marc Guggenheim (W) Peter Krause (A)

Interesting idea, that biography that Foggy has been writing about Daredevil, lets highlight it in it’s own special issue with a different creative team. I love that. I am being serious. The potential for a new writers voice to act as Foggy’s writing voice is really clever. Also Guggenheim developed Arrow for television, so if you’re into that…

moon knight 15

Moon Knight #15 (Marvel)

Cullen Bunn (W) Ron Ackins (A)

First issue of Bunn’s run (hey, that rhymed) wasn’t bad, although I feel with each new writer the series loses a little more of that flare that made it so good in the first arc. I believe this series, too, is coming to an end for the looming Confidential Conflict. (Secret War)


Trees #9 (Image)

Warren Ellis (W) Jason Howard (A)

I was just talking about this series the other day. It’s great, I really just wish it would come out more regularly. I know it went on a little break, but come on. Stahp.

avengers world 21

Avengers World #21 (Marvel)

Frank Barbiere (W) Marco Checchetto (A)

The final issue of Avengers World, and that being the case, the final issue of pre-Secret Wars lead up info. This story has been fantastic and has made my love of Barbiere even stronger. He is a fantastic writer and really knows how to set up the dominoes. I’d love to see him and Hickman in a room together.


The Fade Out #6 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Sean Phillips (A)

This is one of my favorite series out right now. It is brilliant, the rich characters really feel like something that came out an old pulp novel. The self doubt that the main character feels, paired with the colorful thriving world around him really makes this a dark and mysterious affair. It also features a main character who is only a letter away from sharing my last name which, you know, makes it better.


Wytches #6 (Image)

Scott Snyder (W) Jock (A)

This series regularly keeps me perched at the edge of my seat. Honestly, it is an adrenaline rush from cover to cover. If you enjoy Snyder’s run on Batman, and the quick straightforward progression of plot and character development that make him one of comic’s top creators, you will love this story. Unless you don’t enjoy getting scared, but honestly, we should all live a little.


There you go. I can only imagine that my pulls are going to get smaller as the ongoings I am currently invested in disappear to make way for the limited series and the ongoings (?) spiraling out of Marvel’s latest money pit. Image won’t be going anywhere, except Birthright. I’m sorry, it’s over between us. Until next time, keep learning things or something to that effect.