Yay, you returned. Now I can show you my vast collection of chewed gums and used lighters! This week we have a pretty calm week. Some fantastic titles, mixed with a few that are lacking a little for a pull list of my caliber. Wouldn’t you say? Snobbery aside, there are a couple baby series hatching this week so keep your eyes peeled. Ew, dude, you have something on your face. Gross, is that Top of the Stack?


battleworld 2

Secret Wars Battleworld #2 of 4 (Marvel)

David F. Walker/Donny Gates (W) J.J Kirby/ Marco Turini (A)

Sad, but not entirely surprised to say that the first issue of this comic was a flat start. I know this is supposed to be a chance for newer writers to spread their wings, but given the world and the ability to reinvent any aspect of the Marvel universe to create your story, you’d think there would be some more interesting stories. I mean The Punisher possessed by Doctor Strange is interesting, but they should really be pushing the envelope with this stuff.

star wars 6

Star Wars #6 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) John Cassaday (A)

Still kind of on board with the whole “meh” feeling with this series. Not a bad series, not by any stretch of the imagination, but not really my cup of tea. I feel like this always happens when there is a comic book about a film or television show that I love. Never really meets me in the middle.


The Woods #13 (BOOM!)

James Tynion IV (W) Michael Dialynas (A)

This series was great. Potentially still great, but my problem is that it has gotten a little stale recently. I wouldn’t put it past Tynion to pull this one up, but for right now, it’s on the caution list.


Broken World #1 of 4 (BOOM!)

Frank J. Barbiere (W) Christopher Peterson (A)

Barbiere has become one of those writers that I have to follow. After Five Ghosts, White Suits, his New Avengers Annual and his run on Avengers World, I gotta say I am impressed with this guy. Not to mention the fact that this has a crazy cool concept. When the world is facing the apocalypse, and all the wealthy and brilliant people of Earth have set sail in the sea of space, what becomes of those left behind?


Dead Drop #2 of 4 (Valiant)

Ales Kot (W) Adam Gorham (A)

I was going to pass on this series. I was going to. I was so close to not picking up another series. But it’s Valiant, and it’s Kot, and it’s pretty. Yeah, I bought the first issue. No, I don’t regret it. Yes, I am excited for the next issue. It’s a fast paced thrill ride, and it’s only a limited. Right? It’s not that bad. I don’t have a problem.


D4ve #5 of 5 (IDW)

Ryan Ferrier (W) Valentin Ramon (A)

It is over. That means all you trade-waiters can rejoice. It was one of the funniest, ridiculous series of the year. It was my pleasure reading it and by golly, I will read Ryan Ferrier the next time I see something come out by him. I will also read anything with Valentin Ramon attached. Damn them.


Airboy #1 of 4 (Image)

James Robinson (W) Greg Hinkle (A)

This one has been on my watch list for a while. It’s an autobiographical comic about Robinson and Hinkle, as they crawl their way through the depraved filth of artist hell while trying to bring to life the public domain hero, Airboy. Sure to be a fun romp of the most shameful sort.


Master of Kung Fu #2 of 4 (Marvel)

Haden Blackman (W) Dalibor Talajic (A)

I was thrilled by the first issue of this comic. When I expected Blackman to knock this title out of the park, I couldn’t have been more right. It had all the key points of a kick ass kung fu film, with some of our favorite characters making appearances. Gotta love this series.


Jupiter’s Circle #3 (Image)

Mark Millar (W) Wilfredo Torres (A)

With the drama behind the Jupiter’s Legacy, I was expecting a similar tone for this comic, but so far this comic has been pretty damn funny. Albeit, there is plenty of serious exposition. This comic is a right cheeky one.


Zero #17 (Image)

Ales Kot (W) Robert Sammelin (A)

I just found out that this series is ending. As in, this is the penultimate issue. I am really sad to see this amazing saga leave, but I know Kot has plenty up his sleeve. This last arc has been a mind fuck and a half, and I can say that I have no idea where we will end up.


The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #6 (Image)

Kurt Busiek (W) Ben Dewey (A)

This series has blown my mind. Honestly, it took my preconceptions on what this comic would feel like and turned it on its head. A brilliant exercise in melding genres and doing it with the sort of masterful puppeteering that could only come from a team this incredible. Truly a comic that must be read. I am thrilled to see how things are changed after the arc finale this issue.


Nailbiter #13 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

This is another series that I feel has managed to keep up the pace since the first issue. Something that, as I have discussed earlier, is a problem with some creator owned content, no matter how brilliant. I feel as is every issue genuinely gets me closer to the goal, whether or not they actually do depends on the end game I suppose, but either way I am never disappointed.

secret wars 3

Secret Wars #3 of 8 (Marvel)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Esad Ribic (A)

So, If you tell me that issue two was “just like Game of Thrones” I will throat punch you so fast you will think you woke up with a broken larynx this morning. Seriously, learn your fantasy tropes. Either way, the last issue packed a ton of information and exposition in to a slim, easy to swallow pill. It was a delicious pill, filled with vitamins and legend. Seriously, this event keeps impressing me. Then again, I do have a little man-crush on Hickman.

There you go. The Secret Wars keep warring, in secret. As they do. I am excited for this week, but I am also excited to be cleaning up my comic collection (and potentially selling some). I’ll keep you folks posted. Also, here’s a plug for something I’m not getting paid for, Ultra-Pro Comic Series resealable bags and backing boards. Seriously, it’s got a bit of sticky stuff that seals your bags for you. Boom, no more buying tape. Tape was always for suckers. Just felt I should share. As always, smay start.