Just thinking about this upcoming week is making me all goose-pimply. Some of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE COMICS are coming out all at the same time. Not to mention the triumphant return of Saga. Oh, man things are gonna get freaky. Come enter my lair, sit on my patchy bear skin rug as I read to you from the ancient runes, gathered from the essence of my eager heart. Sit, enjoy, and anticipate Top of The Stack.

Hulk 11Hulk #11 (Marvel)

Gerry Duggan (W) Mark Bagley (A)

This series is on the top of the stack this week because of a few reasons. The first being that it just generally isn’t impressing me as much as I’d hoped. The other is that I am looking for comics to scratch off my list, and this was one of the first on the list. I think the time is coming for this one.

Operation Sin 2Operation S.I.N. #2 of 5 (Marvel)

Kathryn Immonen (W) Rich Ellis (A)

I actually really enjoyed the first issue of this comic. My only problem is that I still don’t entirely care about these characters and that does a lot to put this comic down. Despite that it was fun and very spy noire, so it has a promising future.

Return of the Living Deadpool 1Return of The Living Deadpool #1 of 4 (Marvel)

Cullen Bunn (W) Nicole Virella (A)

I normally wouldn’t pick up another Deadpool series after the crap Deadpool’s Art of War pulled, but I really enjoyed Night of The Living Deadpool and I think this will follow suit. I really enjoy the Walking Dead imagery they use. Good at what Deadpool does best, satire.

Batman Eternal 44Batman Eternal #44 (DC)

Ray Fawkes (W) ACO (A)

I’ve really been enjoying this comic for the past arc, but this last issue did very little to progress this story for me and it’s a little saddening. I thought we were really getting somewhere with this comic. Hopefully this issue will pick it up again.

Punisher 15The Punisher #15 (Marvel)

Nathan Edmondson (W) Mitch Gerads (A)

The last issue of this comic was pretty badass. We had an unexpected outcome from the epic battle that had been set up. That being said, I feel like this comic is losing it’s momentum. I have a hard time caring about the Howling Commandos in this series and they are very focused on this team. Something tells me that will end soon though, very excited for the future of this comic.

Birthright 5Birthright #5 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Andrei Bressan (A)

This comic is winding up for the end of it’s first arc and I think it’s been a solid endeavor. A nice mixture of high fantasy and mystery. Curious to see where this comic goes from here, I feel that there is more under the surface of this story.

Ms Marvel 11Ms. Marvel #11 (Marvel)

Willow Wilson (W) Adrian Alphona (A)

This is what comics are all about, seriously. Light, fun, and generally positive. The last issue featured some nice commentary aimed at millennial about them being considered “parasites” when it isn’t their fault. Some nice stuff, definitely seeing a bright future for this comic.

Nameless 1Nameless #1 (Image)

Grant Morrison (W) Chris Burnham

This story sounds dark and spooky, both things I enjoy. It’s also written by Grant Morrison, who I enjoy on occasion. We will see how I feel about this issue. That is all.

Star Wars 2Star Wars #2 (Marvel)

Jason Aaron (W) John Cassaday (A)

I really enjoyed the first issue of this comic. It starts en media res and only gets more action packed from there. It ends on a nicely placed line of dialogue from an unlikely source that really captures the fear at the end of the issue. Solidly paced, excellently written, and very clever. Pick this one up.

Ant Man 2Ant-Man #2 (Marvel)

Nick Spencer (W) Ramon Rosanas (A)

Talk about loving a comic. If this comic maintains the momentum and humor of this first issue, we may be looking at the next Hawkeye. A sleeper hit if I’ve ever seen one. Does it count as a “sleeper hit” if the titular character has a movie coming out? Either way, read this please. It is fantastic.

Miracleman 15Miracleman #15 (Marvel)
Alan Moore (W) John Totleben (A)

Continuing with the densely narrated masterpiece, we see the return of a vile villain in this next issue. One that may mark the end of Miracleman. One weird thing about last issue was that Marvel had a printing error and the entirety of the dialogue on one page was missing. Very odd, but with the help of the internet I found those pages with the dialogue. Hopefully this was a one time thing.

Swamp Thing 39Swamp Thing #39 (DC)

Charles Soule (W) Jesus Saiz (A)

This series feels like losing a child. Okay, definitely not that extreme, but it sucks. It is a brilliantly written series that has been solid from soup to nuts and this is the penultimate issue. I feel like DC wants to cancel all of my favorite series by them. Whaddahell guys?

Velvet 9Velvet #9 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Steve Epting (A)

More questions were raised by the last issue than were answered. I want my answers dammit. This comic has been a rollercoaster ride through hell. It’s quick, deliberate and eloquently vicious. A brilliant noir story told beautifully.

Nailbiter 10Nailbiter #10 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

So with all the elegance of Velvet, this one squashes that. A stumbling mystery through the cracks and crevices of a diseased town. Each issue feels as though we are closer and closer to the answers, that or it’s being held just out of reach. It makes me beg for more.

East of West 17East of West #17 (Image)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A)

When the apocalypse comes, we may find ourselves in the company of those we considered our most heinous enemies. The last issue taught us that with crystal clear narrative. A new arc along with the recently released “East of West: The World”, this is a perfect place to jump on for people who missed out.

Wytches 4Wytches #4 (Image)

Scott Snyder (W) Jock (A)

I can’t say this enough for the comics at the bottom of this weeks stack. If you aren’t reading these then you are missing out on something amazing. This comic is petrifying. Not in the typical way, but in a manner than shakes you to your core. A manner that makes you inch your way out of the view of the window. One that truly keeps you up at night.

Saga 25Saga #25 (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan (W) Fiona Staples (A)

I genuinely had a hard time figuring out whether this or Avengers would end up at the top, or bottom as is the case here, of this weeks pull. The only reason this isn’t the number one is because of the god damned hiatus. Seriously, you can’t tell me you love me, then disappear for a few months. Yes, of course I’ll come back, I’ll be angry but glad you returned.

Avengers 41Avengers #41 (Marvel)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Stefano Caselli (A)

Holy moly you guys. Things keep blowing my mind with this series. I thought it couldn’t keep getting better but it does. How does Hickman do it? My theory is that he litterally squeezes a chunk of his brain into an inkwell and uses it to write his scripts. Pure genius. My only feelings of regret from this series is that after Secret Wars he is going to be leaving Marvel indefinitely. That being said, go read The Dying and The Dead by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim. It’s one of the reasons he’s leaving Marvel for and it’s amazing.

 My giddy aunt. I still can’t believe that little four issue combo at the end there. I mean, I may have to flip the stack over this week to get to those goodies first. How ever you do it, keep reading, keep learning and always, stay smart.