This week is a, relatively, small week. Being that that is coming from someone who has dropped $90 a week on these colorful money dumpsters, that means nothing. A few very anticipated issues on this list and a few newer titles. Definitely a good week, for my wallet and my obsession.


XFactor 16All-New X-Factor #16 (Marvel)

Peter David (W) Carmine Giandomenico (A)

A fairly action packed last issue that does more than most of the other Axis tie-ins in terms of depicting chaos as a result of the inversion spell cast in issue 3 of Axis. After stealing a nuclear football from the newly inverse evil president, the president wants it back, and he has sentinels on his side.


Deadpool art of warDeadpool’s Art of War #2 of 4 (Marvel)

Peter David (W) Scott Koblish (A)

Interesting concept to be added to the cavalcade of Deadpool comics floating around out there. Deadpool decides he can make money selling his version of the classic novel if he wages war on the planet. He’s taught Loki how to wage war and Loki has all but destroyed his brother. What’s next for the trickster god and his mouthy mercenary?


Black Dynamite 4Black Dynamite #4 (IDW)

Brian Ash (W) Jun Lofamia (A)

For the love of god. Finally, the last issue of this limited series is here. I really enjoy this series, but having to wait four months for the last installment after already having to wait four months between issue 1 and 2 seems a bit much. Either way, a hilarious look into blacksploitation and the white devil. Pick this up when it hits trade, it’s worth your cash moneys.


Spiderverse Team upSpider-Verse Team-Up #1 of 3 (Marvel)

Christos N. Gage (W) David Williams (A)

The first team-up of all of our favorite Spider-men. Excited to see these kinds of multi-dimensional team-ups, so this one is a must buy. Spider-Pig and Old Man Parker recruit Ben Reilly, while Six Armed Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir face a daunting challenge. Sounds deliciously entertaining!


Batman EternalBatman Eternal #31 (DC)

Ray Fawkes (W) Fernando Pasarin (A)

Okay, remember when I said Ray Fawkes brings this story down? I was totally wrong, like 100%. Last weeks issue was one of my favorite so far. With the destruction of Arkham causing all eyes to divert towards the asylum, we finally are getting hints as to how all of these events are tied together. That along with the tease that this issue brings us the team up of Bane and Alfred, I think things are really heating up again for this series.


BirthrightBirthright #2 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Andrei Bressan (A)

Really loved the first issue of this. I had some ideas as to what this comic would bring to the table, and let me tell you I was totally off. This comic surprised me and left a sweet taste in my mouth, I really want to see where it goes from here.


Hulk 8Hulk #8 (Marvel)

Gerry Duggan (W) Mark Bagley (A)

Hey! My subscription ran out, now it has been added to the pull list. I really enjoy this series, it was a bit of a let down when Mark Waid left the comic, but I am still enjoying this series. In this issue we see Doc Green take on another Gamma powered hero, Red She-Hulk. It’s sure to be a crazy fight.


Miracleman 13Miracleman #13 (Marvel)

Alan Moore (W) John Totleben (A)

Last issue saw the introduction of Miraclewoman as well as the downfall of the two “people” who have been following our protagonist. To be completely honest, nothing I say can really capture the essence of this story. I suggest going and picking it up to see for yourself. Definitely worth the money.


AMS 9Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Marvel)

Dan Slott (W) Olivier Coipel (A)

This is it! The start of the Spider-Verse event. With everything that has lead up to this point being actually really good reading, I can say I am thoroughly interested in this new event. The preview pages they’ve released look like exactly what I wanted from this, I am pumped.


Men of Wrath 2Men of Wrath #2 of 5 (Marvel Icon)

Jason Aaron (W) Ron Garney (A)

Loved the first issue of this comic. Very dark and gritty, not the kind of protagonist you typically root for, but that just makes it all the more interesting. Our main character is a hitman who never says no to a job, although the job he was just asked to do may be the one exception.


SwampthingSwamp Thing #36 (DC)

Charles Soule (W) Jesus Saiz (A)

A lot is going on with this series right now, with the death of one of my favorite characters, along with the introduction of a whole new kingdom and avatar of the machines. Charles Soule is wrapping up his run on the series, leaving after issue forty, that means a lot is going to happen in these last few issues and I’m very intrigued.


VelvetVelvet #8 (Image)

Ed Brubaker (W) Steve Epting (A)

This spy thriller does just what it’s namesake claims, it thrills the pants off of me. Classic Brubaker story telling brings this archetype character to life with a past deeper and darker than the Mariana Trench. Things really heat up after the last issue, Velvet is on the run and now she has “leverage”. Please do yourself a favor and read this one.


NailbiterNailbiter #7 (Image)

Joshua Williamson (W) Mike Henderson (A)

An issue starring Brian Michael Bendis! Quite literally, he is going to be in the comic. He’ll be in the town of serial killers researching a comic about serial killers, how meta. The last issue was a pretty intense one off issue about a woman and her fascination with fame. It lead to some “nutty”, no pun intended, reveals about the sanity of one of the main characters. This comic is an adrenaline pumped roller coaster that makes it one of my favorite ongoings.


Axis 4Axis #4 of 9 (Marvel)

Rick Remender (W) Leinil Francis Yu (A)

Really excited to see the start of act two of this epic event. So far it has been pretty damn cool, while the last issue kind of fizzled out on a down note, I think what this event is doing to the world makes this a very promising story.


Superman UnchainedSuperman Unchained #9 (DC)

Scott Snyder (W) Jim Lee (A)

Another to add to the “finally” category. This limited series has been in the works for over a year and to be honest, it’s been worth the wait. This is the final chapter in, what I’d say, is my absolute favorite Superman story of all time. If you missed out, definitely pick up in trade. This one will go down in history.

So there you go, a couple comics wrap up and more fill it’s place. Next week is looking pretty darn big, but the week after that, I’m going to have to sell my kidneys to pay for. Until next week, happy reading!