Here we go again with my weekly round up of all the paper goodies you should be buying this week. It’s an interesting time right now as a ton of comic are coming to conclusions, while less of what is coming out is striking my fancy. I’m sure more stuff will come out soon enough to fill the gap, I mean practically everything Image announced at their Image Expo on the 8th was gold. It’s just a waiting game.

Deathlok 4Deathlok #4 (Marvel)
Nathan Edmondson (W) Mike Perkins (A)
There is only one thing that come to mind when I think of this series, it is this video.

Seriously, we’ve established that he isn’t in control of himself, so why are we still exploring this? I want the humanity, I want to really feel for the struggle of this guy. Give me what I need.

Avenger 34Avengers #34.2 (Marvel)
Sam Humphries (W) Bengal (A)
You may ask yourself how issues 40 and 34 are coming out at the same time. The answer is plain. I have no idea. Well, actually, I do have an idea. Issue 34.1 was Hyperion’s issue, and this is another one focusing on an individual character. Why it isn’t 40.1, I don’t know. I don’t make the rules. Either way this issue is about Star-Brand, the newly created character by Jonathan Hickman. I really enjoy this character, therefore it gets a pick-up.

deadpool 40Deadpool #40 (Marvel)
Gerry Duggan (W) Scott Koblish (A)
Okay, so you may have heard that Deadpool is going to die. Yes, again. I am really looking forward to his demise, despite enjoying the series and the character. It seems to be a natural progression from where the story is heading right now. I am very interested in these last few issues. Keep an eye out for this arc.

Spiderverse 2Spider-Verse #2 of 2 (Marvel)
Dan Slott/ Kathryn Immonen/ Jed Mackay/ Enrique Puig (W) Kris Anka/ David Lafuente/ Sheldon Vella/ Francisco Herrara/ Ty Templeton (W)
This series is extremely fun. Despite the levity of the ongoing Spider-Verse event, this series remains light and enjoys playing around with the universe that these Spider-Totems inhabit. This issue explores a fairy world, Punk Spider-Man, The Video Game Spider-Man (Potentially from the n64 games) and a Mexican Spider-Man story told entirely in Spanish! Very fertile ground.

Empire Dead 5George Romero’s Empire of the Dead: Act Two #5 of 5 (Marvel)
George A. Romero (W) Dalibor Talajic (A)
The final issue to the second of three acts. Love where the story is going, what with the vampires empire unfurling. I sense a revolt coming. I can’t wait for the finale of this act. Truly an altering saga for the phenomenon that Romero sparked.

JLU 8Justice League United #8 (DC)
Jeff Lemire (W) Neil Edwards (A)
One more issue until this arc is over and so far it has held me captive. It’s wildly entertaining and doesn’t shy away from new ideas and changes. One of my favorite parts of this book is the dynamic between Green Arrow and Animal Man, it’s hilarious and brings the tone down a little when things get too heavy. Really excellent pacing and character realization. Love this series.

Astro City 19Astro City #19 (Vertigo)
Kurt Busiek (W) Brent Eric Anderson (A)
Really, really enjoyed the first issue of this arc. This is the reason I tell people to read this book. While I haven’t been the biggest fan of all the arcs in this new series, this arc embodies all of the things that make this series fantastic. When you strip away all the gloss and ideology behind superheroes, they are just humans looking to do some good. Even heroes get old.

Rai 6Rai #6 (Valiant)
Matt Kindt (W) Clayton Crain (A)
This series was good before the new arc, now it’s fantastic. I love this comic so much, it’s beautiful and fantastical. If you like dystopian futures, this is the perfect story for you. In an Orwellian Japan, everything you are, from your economical status to the things you are allowed to know and believe are controlled by Father.

Batman Eternal 41Batman Eternal #41 (DC)
Kyle Higgins (W) Joe Quinones (A)
This series is heating up. It’s really finding it’s place as we get closer to the center of the wild maze that our favorite Bat-Family has been lead down unwittingly. I don’t think that I’ve ever felt pity for the Riddler, but last weeks issue has definitely crossed that off my bucket list.

Copperhead 5Copperhead #5 (Image)
Jay Faerber (W) Scott Godlewski (A)
This series keeps getting better. I was sceptical at first because, despite the all go from Brian K. Vaughan, I hadn’t heard about this writer or anything they’ve worked on. That being said, I am more than thrilled that I took the dive and got this comic. Action packed and real. You know, despite being on an alien planet and all. Things are getting even more interesting as we learn the secret behind the android that’s been sulking around all malevolent like.

Star Wars 1Star Wars #1 (Marvel)
Jason Aaron (W) John Cassaday (A)
The first Star Wars comic after Disney’s recent purchase is finally here. It has become to most ordered comic of all time. Yes, of all time. Be sure to pick this one up, from the early reviews I’ve read, this is going to be one kick ass series. With Jason Aaron at the helm, I expect nothing less. I mean seriously, I need to see Jason Aaron’s Han Solo, definitely going to be awesome.

All New Captain America 3All-New Captain America #3 (Marvel)
Rick Remender (W) Stuart Immonen (A)
While this story runs very close to the story in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it is told with enough flare and spectacle that it is hardly an issue. In fact, I’d go one step further and say that with this being a new Captain America, I am interested to see how he battles the same issues in his own way. Make way everyone, there’s a new Captain on the block and he totally has a kickass set of wings.

Lazarus 14Lazarus #14 (Image)
Greg Rucka (W) Michael Lark (A)
I feel like the last few issues of this comic have been my favorites of the entire series, with less of the political drama and more of the grudges between factions surfacing. By that I mean that the facade of a political landscape has been broken and we now get to see the very human working of this huge political machine. Very interesting read and very, very pretty.

SHIELD 2S.H.I.E.L.D #2 (Marvel)
Mark Waid (W) Humberto Ramos (A)
While Waid is ending his run on Daredevil, he has begun his run on S.H.I.E.L.D and it has already left me wanting more. The first issue shows how much of an asset Coulson is to not only S.H.I.E.L.D, but to the Marvel Universe as a whole. Amazing how a small character from one movie has evolved into one of the most recognizable characters in all of the Marvel Universe, first with the Cinematic Universe and now with our beloved 616. This series almost fills the hole that Daredevil will be leaving in my heart…Almost.

Daredevil 12Daredevil #12 (Marvel)
Mark Waid (W) Chris Samnee (A)
This is the last issue of this arc and like Waid has done countless times before with this series, he has managed to break my heart with the first issue, then put it back together, then abandon me, then make me question everything I know. Okay, so, that last bit may have been a tad dramatic, but it’s true. This marks the end of this arc and the next issue marks the beginning of the last arc. All is sad.

Wilds End 5Wild’s End #5 of 6 (BOOM!)
Dan Abnett (W) I.N.J. Culbard (A)
This series is absolutely fantastic. Hilarious when it wants to be, while also being very grounded. What is it with science fiction pieces and capturing the true essence of humanity, with it’s heartfelt characters and flaws? I suppose it takes stepping back a bit to appropriately analyze anything.

Jupiters Legacy 5Jupiter’s Legacy #5 (Image)
Mark Millar (W) Frank Quitely (A)
Freakin’ finally. I mean Jeezy Creezy, it’s taken the better part of the year to get to this issue. Seriously, it was March the last time we saw this comic. I really dig this comic. They say a good idea is one you look at and say to yourself “I should have thought of that.” This is a perfect example of that idea. In a world where celebrity’s children run amok with greed and gluttony, we are all too familiar with the idea of the scoured, spoiled offspring of our favorite actors. Now imagine that world where the actors are the golden age of superheroes, now make those scorned seedlings superheroes as well. Superheroes with drug problems and a lust for power. Now we’re talking.

Avengers 40Avengers #40 (Marvel)
Jonathan Hickman (W) Stefano Caselli (A)
I cannot wait for this series. Every time either this or New Avengers is on my pull list, it becomes one of my favorite pulls. This series is beyond phenomenal. Truly somethings that will go down in comic history as one of the greatest runs in Avengers history. Damn you Hickman, I didn’t want to start a cult that sacrifices animals in your name, but you made me do it.

There you go. All you Star Wars die-hards are definitely making Marvel come out on top this week, I’m sure they are thanking you guys for your dedication. As for me, I thank no one. That’s not true, I just wanted to sound dramatic and interesting. So there.