Oh man, the last of the big pulls for the year. It’s almost sad you know, the end of a year. A great year for comics in general, hopefully the tradition continues. Actually, scratch that, I hope comics start sucking and I don’t have to spend as much money. I’m conflicted.


X Factor 18All-New X-Factor #18 (Marvel)
Peter David (W) Carmine Giandomenico (A)
The tie-ins to Axis are coming to a close and I can say that this one was no more than a faint squeak in term of levity. Bringing in some underused characters to liven things up doesn’t really make for a completely enthralling tie-in. Either way this isn’t a bad series, but not one that I’ll likely go back and read after the fact.

Loki 9Loki: Agent of Asgard #9 (Marvel)
Al Ewing (W) Lee Garbett (A)
This was actually pretty interesting as far as the tie-ins go. There’s a lot of ground to cover in terms of understanding where it is Loki begins his story, both emotionally and physically, being that I haven’t been following the series. That being said it gets you up to pace quickly and flips things on it’s head even faster. Definitely a good read.

Cap 3Captain America and The Mighty Avengers #3 (Marvel)
Al Ewing (W) Luke Ross (A)
Was actually pretty surprised by this one. I wasn’t a fan of The Mighty Avengers before the “reboot” but this new dynamic works for the series, unfortunately it doesn’t make it onto my weekly pulls. Oh, well.

Butterfly 4Butterfly #4 of 6 (Boom!)
Arash Amel (W) Antonio Fuso (W)
I am not a huge fan of this series right now. Hopefully it will pick up before it ends but I am realizing the reason I even picked it up was because of Noto on the cover. A little disappointing is an understatement, as the series has so much unused potential. Oh, well, I can hold on for a couple more issues.

Nova 25Nova #25 (Marvel)
Gerry Duggan (W) David Baldeon (A)
Every time this series has a tie-in, I buy into it. Every time I am pleased with what I read. When it comes down to it, the only reason I’m not following this series is because it costs too much money to catch up at this point, and as you can see, I have quite a few picture books to buy a week.

superior iron man 3Superior Iron Man #3 (Marvel)
Tom Taylor (W) Yildiray Cinar (A)
I’m liking this series so far. It’s interesting to see Tony Stark’s dynamic change from the inside of his world, and despite a tad of a cliched reveal at the end of the last issue, it’s been pretty solid. Then again it may have to do with the fact that I love anything with Daredevil in it. Either way, this one sees another day. Usually the third issue is when I can see whether or not a series will be worth my time. Keep it up guys.

Colder 3Colder: The Bad Seed #3 (Dark Horse)
Paul Tobin (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)
This series always keeps me interested. Often with such large ideas, a comic can lose itself, but with this series they always seem to find a way to keep things fresh and for that it is one of my favorite series to watch bloom. It’ll be interesting to see how Tobin handles an ongoing. I’m sure this is one to look out for.

Letter 44 13Letter 44 #13 (Oni Press)
Charles Soule (W) Alberto Alburquerque (A)
I am always up for another issue of this series. While every issue doesn’t pack a punch when it comes to crazy endings or ludicrous happenings, enough of the issues do that this is usually an eye opener Very excited for the television adaptation, I really hope it translates well.

Deadpool 39Deadpool #39 (Marvel)
Gerry Duggan (W) Mike Hawthorne (A)
Another of my subscriptions hits the pull list. I’ve been following this series since it was rebooted. I followed it during Way’s run too, but I stopped reading it around the “Dead” arc. That being said, this series was shakey at first, but I believe its found its feet. Really loving the Axis dynamic that is going on right now, too.

Hawkeye Deadpool 3Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #3 of 4 (Marvel)
Gerry Duggan (W) Matteo Lolli (A)
So this series is a pleasant surprise. Whenever I hear about a new Deadpool series I am a bit skeptical, but this series is definitely worth your time. Excellently paced, hysterical and very thoughtful. It packs the punch of a Deadpool comic with the subtle humor of Hawkeye.

She Hulk 11She-Hulk #11 (Marvel)
Charles Soule (W) Javier Pulido (A)
Really sad to be seeing this comic go, but it was fun while it lasted. With only two issues left, we finally begin to understand the blue file case that She-Hulk has been working on since the beginning. Hopefully this series will make way for another She-Hulk comic, but seeing it’s demise so soon makes me less than hopeful.

Batman eternal 38Batman Eternal #38 (DC)
Tim Seeley (W) Andrea Mutti (A)
This series has begun to rocket up my pull list. Every issue has been incredible, and with the reveal of the mastermind behind everything, things are just going to get more intense. One of my favorite characters is back and they have been up to their old tricks. Batmans got a challenge ahead of him.

Daredevil 11Daredevil #11 (Marvel)
Mark Waid (W) Chris Samnee (A)
Another one ending soon, well, not “ending” and not “soon”. Okay, so this comic will probably keep going, but Waid and Samnee are getting ready for the “final chapter” of their run, beginning with issue 13. They say all things must end, it’s just sad because this is Waid’s second series to be ending within the last year at Marvel. I don’t want him to leave me. Make him stay.

Rasputin 3Rasputin #3 (Image)
Alex Grecian (W) Riley Rossmo (A)
Really loving this series so far. It’s mysterious, dark and full of communist magicks. Who doesn’t love that combination. I am really interested in seeing how this plays out as an ongoing, being that it was done as a “pitch” of sorts for a movie. This makes me think that the ending is in sight, maybe not now, but not too far away.

Secret Avengers 11Secret Avengers #11 (Marvel)
Ales Kot (W) Michael Walsh (A)
This series is one of the reasons Ales Kot is becoming one of my favorite writers in the industry. It’s fun when it wants to be, but as this arc highlights, it can be serious. The end of ages is coming to the universe and Coulson is on the run trying to understand it all. Hawkeye has finally found Coulson and a stand off is inevitable.

Memetic 3Memetic #3 of 3 (Boom!)
James Tynion IV (W) Eryk Donovan (A)
I am really digging this series. So much so that I am genuinely sad that it is going to be ending so soon. Excellently written and cripplingly sad. Two things I never thought I would say about a story consisting of a meme that causes the apocalypse. I am ready for the end.

Theyre not Like us 1They’re Not Like Us #1 (Image)
Eric Stephenson (W) Simon Gane (A)
Super duper excited about this series. Coming off a series with tons of potential, Stephenson delivers a coming of age super hero story about the loser generation. A generation told they are the reason the world is falling apart are now the only ones who can save it, or destroy it. What happens when a generation is alienated then worshiped?

Black Science 11Black Science #11 (Image)
Rick Remender (W) Matteo Scalera (A)
The end of arc two brings new depths of darkness. Who is the man following our group? Is Grant worth mourning? I’ve never read a comic that so perfectly makes you question who the main character was. I don’t know if I even like him anymore as the supporting cast takes main stage. Expert story telling!

Batman Annual 3Batman Annual #3 (DC)
James Tynion IV (W) Roge Antonio (A)
I think these comic publishing companies are getting smart to my rule about annuals. As I’ve meantioned before, I try not to buy annuals unless they are written by the person who is writing the ongoing. While Tynion isn’t the writer for Batman, he writes the secondary story in the back for End Game, he also co-scripted Batman Eternal. Being that this is tied into End Game, I can’t miss this one.

Axis 9Axis #9 of 9 (Marvel)
Rick Remender (W) Jim Cheung (A)
The final issue of this epic series. I am more than excited for this. It has been a crazy ride and with a few series spinning out of this finale, I am desperate to see if things are changed back to normal after all the insanity.

Outcast 6Outcast #6 (Image)
Robert Kirkman (W) Paul Azaceta (A)
I really love this series. I mean most everyone was expecting this series to be good, but I am absolutely enamored by it. With things looming on the horizon, will life get any easier for our hero. I am going to go ahead and answer that, no. A resounding no.

Avengers 28New Avengers #28 (Marvel)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Mike Deodato (A)
So freaking excited for the Secret Wars and this series is teasing so much stuff right now that my little fanboy brain can completely wrap itself around the concepts. In a good way, of course. Each issue is like a gift, seriously, I never put down this comic without a “oh, shit.” moment. Must read, seriously read this damn comic already.

Well there you go, the pull-list for Christmas Eve. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, or a Happy final night of Hanukkah or any of your festive holidays. Personally I will be celebrating Holiday, remembering that FSM was boiled to life this wonderful day.