This is the week we all wait for. The week our wallets get to catch up to us. The final pull of the year, and a fantastic year for comics. This is, THE SMALLEST PULL OF THE YEAR, everyone. Brace yourselves, things are about to get frugal up in here.


Batman Eternal 39Batman Eternal (DC)
Ray Fawkes (W) Felix Ruiz (A)
Batman Eternal is at the top of the stack again. This time, not because it is bad, no, far from that. It’s becoming one of my favorite series. It’s at the top because of the things it’s up against, like…

SHIELD 1S.H.I.E.L.D #1 (Marvel)
Mark Waid (W) Carlos Pacheco (A)
I have been waiting for this comic since they revealed it. I love Waid and I am really getting into Agents of Shield. This brings those two together, but in the 616 universe. Yeah, that’s right, this means these are parallel characters. Anything is possible.

Miracleman annual 1All-New Miracle Man Annual #1 (Marvel)
Grant Morrison (W) Joe Quesada (A)
Yes, that’s right. This is the first new Miracle Man story told in years, and the first to be told by Marvel. A long ago shelved script by Grant Morrison released only if Quesada would do the honors of illustrating. I don’t know about you but the mystery behind this makes me giddy.

East of West 16East of West #16 (Image)
Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A)
The start of year two of the apocalypse. This issue has me absolutely geeking out. I really really love this series and things are beginning to make sense, especially after the One-Shot released a few weeks ago that worked as an encyclopedia of the world. I am in love with this story.

There you have it. The publishers let us off easy this week, but it’ll be back again next week, full force. Have a Happy New Year, and remember never read and drive.