If you are a fan of Torchwood, I have some pretty great news for you. For years I have been waiting for something, anything new to come around. We haven’t had anything since Miracle Day, which was good, though not as good as Children of Earth, which I believe might be the greatest 5 hours of television ever made.
Anyhow, back to the news…
It seems as though we will be getting some new content, but in the form of a radio show. Now, as much as I would absolutely LOVE to have the series back on television, I am completely all for this. I think it would be something fun and different.
According to John Barrowman, three or four plays would involve the Torchwood cast, which is basically him, Eve Myles, Kai Owen (do you think they would give Rhys is own episode? I mean, he’s not really Torchwood, but it is at the same time. Maybe he and Gwen would have theirs together) and possibly Mekhi Phifer. I’m not sure who else it would include, but it really does make me miss Owen, Tosh and Ianto. If there was only some way they could bring them all back for these. That would make me super happy.
I haven’t seen a time frame for this, so I’m thinking we’ll probably be seeing these closer to the middle to end of this year, as long as they get right on it, but I will keep you all posted on any news that comes my way.
It’ll be good to at least be able to hear what the Torchwood team has been up to since they saved the world from The Miracle.