Star Wars Celebration Europe happened over the past weekend and Chris and Casey get on the mic to chat about it. The highs and the lowest of the lows. Take a listen as they express their geekly opinions about their most beloved of movie series!

Show Notes:

Rogue One

  • Sizzle reel -multiple times… what else did they see? How they handled livestream
  • Trailer EXCLUSIVE
  • Vader reveal
    • New troopers
    • New ships, tank troopers, tanks!
    • The beach
  • Thoughts on film so far
  • Little gunner character played by Warwick


  • Ezra’s path… Speculation
  • Thrawn in show and book
    • Ysalamiri – force dampening creatures
  • Wedge as a tie fighter pilot and maybe Shara Bey?
  • Darktroopers
  • Mandalorians
  • Darksaber and Sabine
  • An end in sight?


Video games

  • Battlefront announcements: Death Star, R1
  • Viceral’s secret game (uncharted-esque)
  • TOR – is it cannon? New expansion “Knights of the Eternal Throne”
  • Galaxy of heroes: Tank Takedown raid & Greivous added. Beating them will lead to exclusive Game Mods.


  • Rey Resistance Hot Toy
  • Jyn Urso black series figure
  • Princess Leia ugliness
  • Force band for BB8 wearable


  • Ahsoka
  • Thrawn
  • Talk a bit about Life Debt


  • No news?! Why?
  • Waste of time of a panel
  • Only reveal was about Vader Comic #21 inside panels and #25 variant covers

Han Solo

  • Alden Ehrenreich OFFICIALLY cast as Han Solo


  • Goyer, VR Vader?! Movie, game? Makes no sense, the usual Goyer way


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