Chris and Casey found themselves in the most unfortunate of circumstances. They entered upon a dark circus filled with freaks and funkateers and it’s possible they may not make it. Luckily they recorded an episode of geekly news for you to enjoy before the mayhem begins!


RIP Sid Haig

Marvel TV & Movies

  • Disney+ will feature deleted scenes and special features for Marvel movies 
  • Peter Porker short 

DC TV & Movies 

  • The Batman casting 
    • Jefferey Wright as commissioner Gordon
    • Jonah Hill in secret role. Penguin?
  • Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprise roles as Lois and Clark for Crisis 
  • Titans 
    • Nightwing costume 
    • Aqualad “past pics” suggest he was the tragedy that split the team?
  • Young Justice Outsiders on digital now, dvd on 10/22


  • DC
    • New Batman creative team – James Tynion IV & Tony Daniels. Issue #86. Plans to bring back Nightwing. 
    • Suicide Squad 1 Tom Taylor & Bruno Redondo
  • Valiant
    • Quantum and Woody back in 2020
  • Millarworld
    • 12/18 surprise Millarworld sequel coming 
  • TKO
  • Gallery 13



  • New Battlestar Galactica show from Sam Esmail will not be a reboot 
  • Disney + open for preorders
  • HBO Max gets 2 season order of The Boondocks reboot with Aaron McGruder


  • Micronauts coming from How to Train Your Dragon writer Dean DeBlois who will write and direct 


  • Ori and the Blind Forest DE this Friday
  • Dark Forces II: Jedi Outcast out this week
  • Last of Us 2 Feb 2020?
  • Cryptic message from WB Montreal suggests Court of Owls as next Batman Arkham game antagonists. Deleted Scott Snyder tweet  


  • Triple Force Friday 10/4, global stream new product reveals on Thur 9/26 2pmEST from Pinewood Studios 
  • Soule: “The Rise of Kylo Ren may not please everyone”
  • George Lucas disappointed by sequels in Bob Iger memoir


  • Hasbro Exclusive Yavin/Marvel Luke Skywalker BS @ Berlin CC
  • Pee Wee Reaction from Super 7
    • Black Manta
    • Child’s play 2



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