Chris and Casey knew that their actions as vigilantes would lead to some dire consequences. So before they jumped into their latest adventure they sat down and recorded this podcast! Will they make it back safe and sound to record episode 150? Find out on this episode of Towelite Talk!


Marvel TV & Movies

  • Kevin Feige Taking Over as (OF ALL) Marvel Chief Creative Officer. 
  • animated Xmen theme stolen?
  • Venom 2 
    •  Shriek will appear but not cast yet
    • Fleischer: “Working towards” Spider-man/Tom Holland crossover
  • Hawkeye series get 8 episodes and $200 million budget

DC TV & Movies 

  • The Batman
    • Zoe Kravitz to Play Catwoman
    • Jonah Hill out 
    • Paul Dano as Riddler
  • Set photos of the suicide squad 
    • Akinnuoye-Agbaje not returning as killer croc 
  • CW Crisis
    • Stephen Lobo cast as Jim Corrigan, AKA The Spectre
    • Arrow S8E1 discussion 


  • Bloodshot trailer attached to terminator: dark fate
  • Bloodshot novelization coming


  • X-Men #1 discussion


Netflix Statement – Netflix warned Wednesday that increased competition from the launch of new streaming services could harm its subscriber growth. The company also said price increases have hurt growth in the U.S. To combat these trends, Netflix said it will continue to invest billions in new content to keep subscribers hooked.


  • Stephen King’s The Stand Casts Heather Graham, Katherine McNamara and Eion Bailey
  • Netflix to do an animated Bone series
  • Mike Mignola ‘the forever house’ live action anthology series
  • Watchmen getting good reviews
  • Disney + just announced EVERYTHING for day one


  • NPH joins Matrix 4
    • Jada Pinkett Smith may return as Niobe
  • AMC theatres streaming service 
  • Edge of Tomorrow 2 script is done
  • Bruce Campbell says director for upcoming Evil Dead film


  • New Borderlands 3 DLC
    • Best guns nerfed


  • New trailer drops monday and tickets on sale, get ready for the internet to break, again. 
  • First reviews on Jedi Fallen Order
  • Star Warriors podcast episode 


  • Funko POP! snap Thanos PX metallic exclusive w comic 
  • Mezco One:12 Black Bolt and Lockjaw 
  • HT Avengers Endgame Thor & Hulk
  • LEGO Dinosaur Fossil sets
  • Congrats to David Silva for successfully raising over 270k with the Beasts of the Mesozoic KS – Ceratopsian series 

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