The dark mage had taken control of the castle and the only hope for the forgotten lands were, you guessed it, Casey and Chris. Luckily for you Towelites out there the duo had the opportunity to record this very podcast before they headed off to battle!



Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • WS out this weekend 

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • The Flash 
    • Kiersey Clemons is Iris West 
    • Maribel Verdú to play Barry’s mom, Billy Crudup out.
  • Hourman movie 
  • Michelle Gomez cast in Doom Patrol S3 as Madam Rouge 
  • Eliza Helm as young Cat Grant for SG flashbacks
  • ZSJL is out; 3 part podcast experience coming from DFAT ENT

SW – TV, Movies & Games

  • Durge teased for War of the Bounty Hunters
  • D+ adds more SW content 



  • Marvel 
    • Spiderman – The chameleon conspiracy
  • DC
    • Nice House on the Lake Tynion creator owned / Black Label
    • GA 80th Anniv special 
    • Pride Anthology 
    • Batman The Adventures Continue S2
    • Wonder Woman Black&Gold
  • Dynamite
    • One Life, One Death GN



  • Powerpuff Girls LA cast. Diablo Cody to write 
  • Poker Face Rian Johnson 



  • More Borderlands castings. More
  • Canto 
  • Michael B Jordan to direct Creed 3
  • Classified 
  • Paul Reubens doc


  • TMNT: Shredders Revenge
  • D&D Dark Alliance 6/22
  • PS5 VR controllers


  • Prime 1 Batman Detective Comics #1000
  • Mondo
    • Marvel Mecha Spider-Man
    • Godzilla tease
  • NECA The Thing MacReady
  • Knightmare Batman and Superman Snyder Cut Hot Toys
  • LEGO to open 100 stores in 2021
  • Toys R Us