Casey and Chris knew their robot was the best fighter in the league even though Logan Barnum was the reigning champion. The duo knew that if they could just get in to the tournament they would win it all! BUT before that could happen they had to record this very Podcast!! 


Episode #200 is coming to you LIVE! Stay tuned for more details! 


Marvel – Movies, TV & Games

  • Wakanda Forever & Captain Marvel: The Marvels AND MORE!
  • JLD was set for debut in BW
  • Andrew Garfield says he never got the call for Spider-Man 3
  • First Look Miss Marvel 
  • Secret Invasion
    • Olivia Coleman and Emilia Clarke join Secret Invasion 
    • Killian Scott
  • Chinaka Hodge will be lead writer of Iron Heart 

DC – Movies, TV & Games  

  • Fandome 10/16/21
  • The Flash – Wayne Manor 
  • Finn Wittrock cast as Guy Gardner in GL showl 
  • Titans S3 – Vincent Kartheiser Cast As Scarecrow 
  • CW
    • Stargirl S2 Aug 10
    • Supergirl – last 13 episodes starting August 24
    • Tom Cavanagh & Carlos Valdes exit The Flash 

SW – Movies, TV & Games

  • Maya Erskine joins Kenobi 
  • Biomes
  • Bad Batch
  • May the 4th SWP and new comics ep.



  • Marvel
    • Aliens Aftermath #1
    • The Last Annihilation
  • DC
    • Tom Taylor Superman: Son of Kal El
    • Blue & Gold 
    • Suicide Squad: Get Joker! #1 BL
    • Justice League Infinity #1 arrives digitally on May 13, with physical copies hitting stores on July 6 
  • Dark Horse
    • MOTU Revelation prequel 



    • trailer 
    • new show set in same  universe?
    • First look at Sweet Tooth coming June 4th
    • Castlevania to end w S4 
  • Gabriel Luna joins LOU
  • The Boys Spinoff casts Reina Hardesty 
  • Taika Waititi is Blackbeard
  • House of The Dragon First look


  • Blumfest Oct 1
  • Rock em Sock em starring Vin Diesel 
  • Predator writers suing Disney 
  • John Wick 
    • Prequel The Continental details 
    • “Ballerina” spinoff
  • Gina Gershon is Moxxi  and more castings for Blands 
  • He-Man no more. Noah Centineo exits MOTU



  • Alien Fate of the Nostromo 
  • World of darkness RPG shared universe
  • Dark Dice w Jeff Goldblum



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