It’s that time of year! No not for presents and resolutions but to drink BLOOD and embrace VAMPIRISM! If you’re ready for your skin to crawl and your senses to tingle then take a listen to this episode… IF YOU DARE!

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Anne Rice & Mark Taylor RIP


Marvel – Movies, TV & Games

  • NWH second highest opening of all time
  • Laura Barton is Mockingbird?
  • Will SONY make AG Spider-man movie?
  • Keanu Reeves meets with Kevin Feige
  • Wastelanders BW
  • Slugfest doc

DC – Movies, TV & Games

  • Blue Beetle headed to theaters
  • Riddler Website 
  • Michael Keaton added to Batgirl cast
  • Michael Shannon and Antje Traue in The Flash?
  • Naomi trailer 
  • Gotham Knights CW
  • LOS HBO Max

SW – Movies, TV & Games

  • Han & Chewie comics 
  • Tales of the Jedi D+?




  • Alex Ross F4 OGN 
  • Venom Lethal Protector 
  • Gambit 
  • Punisher


  • War for Earth 3
  • BL Rogues 
  • Beyond the White Knight 
  • Batman/Superman relaunch 

The Search for Snoopy

Godzilla v MMPR 


  • Fright Night sequel comic
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night


  • Netflix
    • Witcher Unlocked After Show
    • Witcher Blood Origin trailer
    • Wednesday will be scored by Danny Elfman
    • Avatar castings
  • The Goonies Disney +
  • Zorro 
  • Legend of Vox Machina 


  • Secrets of Dumbledore
  • Kingsman 3 starts filming in September
  • God Country 
  • Avatar images 
  • The Northman
  • The Super Bob Einstein movie
  • Death on the Nile



  • Dark Souls TTRPG
  • FF6 Pixel remaster FEB on Steam
  • ACV Dawn of Ragnarok
  • Splinter Cell Remake
  • Terminator RTS
  • Telltale is back 
  • Learn to Code RPG


  • MFT 
    • Mirrorverse w2
    • Netflix Witcher
    • DC Multiverse 
  • NECA Stoneheart Pred 
    • Krampus coming
  • FH Krampus
  • LEGO Gaming Collection rumor 
  • HT Fennec 
  • Threezero Dustin
  • Iron Studios Jaws