The giant mechanical monsters loomed high above the tree line. Casey and Chris knew this was their chance to reunite with their clan but they had to make it across this next clearing. Luckily during their mad dash they were able to record this podcast!!!!! RUN.

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RIP Betty White, Sidney Poitier, Bob Saget & Rob Bruce 


Marvel – Movies, TV & Games

  • Moon Knight costume look
    • Trailer Monday 
  • Dr. Strange Casting Rumors

DC – Movies, TV & Games 

  • The Batman is rated PG-13
  • The Flash will be Batfleck’s last
  • Batgirl 
    • Costume reveal 
      • Easter Eggs Galore! mural shows Keatons Batman and a version of Robin
      • Hugo Strange
      • Black Canary 
      • Lex Luthor / BVS
      • Vicky Vale 
      • Court of Owls
    • Castings
  • LOS animated HBO Max
  • More James Gunn DCTV confirmed 
  • Arrowverse Justice U
  • Brubaker lead writer and EP of Caped Crusader cartoon

SW – Movies, TV & Games

  • The HR P2 150 yrs in past 
  • D+ show rumors
    • BoKatan
    • Qira 
    • Knights of Ren



  • Jeff Lemire Image exclusivity
  • Flashpoint Beyond


  • The Lunatic, The Lover, & The Poet


  • Fallout 
  • The Boys s3 6/3
  • LOTR set for 9/22
  • Scott pilgrim anime at Netflix 
  • Degrassi HBO MAX 2023
  • Quantum leap reboot
  • Santa Clause Disney +
  • FX Justified revival
  • No Y the Last Man S2


  • Wes Anderson new R. Dahl movie castings 
  • Jon Watts joins Final destination HBO reboot 
  • Netflix The Raid 
  • Michael Sarnoski to direct The Quiet Place spinoff



  • E3 Virtual 
  • Kung fury Street Rage 
  • Showa American Story 
  • AC Ezio Collection on Switch 
  • PSVR2
    • Horizon Call of the Mountain