Casey and Chris awoke to a strange environment and they realized that they were a part of a great hunt, a human hunt! Above in the trees they could make out a figure of some sort with a spear… and a THONG?! Good thing they recorded this podcast before their heads get mounted as trophies!!

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RIP William Hurt, Razor Ramon 


Marvel – Movies, TV & Games

  • Spider-Man NWH release – 3/22 
  • Fred Hechinger to play Chameleon (half brother) in Kraven. 
    • Alessandro Nivola cast as “a villain”. 
    • Christopher Abbott is main villain The Foreigner 
  • Sydney Sweeny in Madam Web
  • Aaron Piere joins Blade 
  • Giacchino to direct Werewolf by Night 
  • Shawn Levy to direct Deadpool 3
  • Defenders D+ backlash/new parental controls 
  • Ms Marvel trailer 
  • Lyric Ross joins Ironheart

DC – Movies, TV & Games 

  • DC release date shifts
  • Blue Beetle adds Harvey Guillen
  • DC shorts Constantine: The House of Mystery
  • DMZ
  • Booster Gold LOT and the flash?
  • Gotham Knights castings
  • Arkham is next Matt Reeves show. No GCPD.
    • Penguin ordered by HBO 
  • Noonan’s (HQ spinoff) featuring Kite Man 
  • Gotham Knights game 10.25.22

SW – Movies, TV & Games

  • First look at Obi-Wan Trailer
  • Jim O’Heir joins Mando S3
  • Mando comic adaptation



  • DC: DCeased ch3 & Priest writing Black Adam
  • Marvel: Ennis Punisher, Miracle Man, The Variants 
  • Kevin Smith launches Secret Stash Press with Dark Horse



  • Paramount +: Picard S3 the last & Strange New Worlds trailer, Paul Wesley as Kirk
  • Alf acquired by shout factory – more content coming 
  • Twisted Metal on Peacock 
  • The Muppets’ Electric Mayhem Band Series Announced by Disney+
  • Quantum Leap adds Ernie Hudson
  • Umbrella Academy S3 June 22nd


  • Austin Butler cast in Dune Pt2 
  • Beetlejuice 2 in the works 
  • Bullet Train trailer 
  • Regina King directs Bitter Rot
  • Will Smith and Michael B Jordan for I Am Legend sequel
  • Alien movie from Fede Alvarez  
  • Predator Prey details



  • Final Fantasy 35th
  • Wrestle Quest 
  • TMNT Cowabunga collection