Casey and Chris were enjoying a working lunch when suddenly the couple a few tables over opened fired on them. Little did they know but your favorite Geekly heroic duo was on the list of a high-class assassin deadpool. Well at least they got a chance to record this podcast…

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RIP Gilbert Gottfried, Estelle Harris & Lizz Sheridan 


Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • Ironheart directors & Coogler to EXP 
  • Marvel games

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • Susan Sarandon as Victoria Kord 
  • Wonder Twins activate! POWER OF CASTING NEWS!
  • LA Aqualad 
  • Dead Boy Detectives gets series order 
  • Rahart Adams Cast in Gotham Knights
  • Jesse L Martin leaving The Flash. shortened final season? 
  • Webtoons

SW – TV, Movies & Games

  • Ahsoka director 
  • Queens Hope
  • Celebration LA panel announced 
  • KH4 SW content?
  • Force Unleashed physical madness



  • Blade’s daughter FCBD 
  • Wesley Snipes – The Exiled
  • Young Justice 
  • Berserk vol. 41
  • Flux House


  • Valiant teams with Blackstone Audio for adult novels
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: The High Country



  • The Quest 
  • Netflix
    • Witcher S3 has started filming
    • Robbie Ammell joins The Witcher 
    • Locke and Key to end on S3
    • Stranger Things 
  • S3 of Picard adds even more TNG characters
  • All new Orphan Black
  • Mr and Mrs Smith Show
  • Justin Bartha returns to National Treasure 
  • Interview with a vampire


  • The Crow casts FKA Twigs 
  • BHC4 director 
  • Rebel Moon castings 
  • Willow casting 
  • Brie Larson joins Fast 10
  • Spirit Halloween Store
  • Will Ferrell joins Barbie and if he’s not Mugatu..




  • Return to Monkey Island due out this year
  • New Tomb Raider 
  • MYST VR mini golf 
  • Star Trek Prodigy
  • Star Trek Stormfall
  • 2 new Kingdom Hearts games
  • Shadowrun trilogy 
  • MythForce


  • MOTU Battleground 
  • Blade Runner TTRPG
  • Hasbro buys DND Beyond