Nobody puts a Towelite in the corner… At least that’s what Casey and Chris thought. That was before they decided to take a hike to explore an old urban legend. Thankfully during their trek to doom they were able to record this podcast. Which you are finding right now…

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RIP George Perez & Neal Adams


Marvel – Movies, TV & Games

  • Doc Strange 2 thoughts 
  • Thor L&T trailer 
  • Jon watts exits F4


  • Across the Spider-Verse
  • Madame Web 2023 release date
  • Venom 3 “in the works”
  • El Muerto
  • Morbius digital May

DC – Movies, TV & Games 

  • The Batman returns 
  • Batgirl to theaters
  • Green Lantern animated trailer
  • Wonder Twins cxl?
  • Amanda Waller spinoff 
  • Batwoman and Legends canceled
  • Kiteman spinoff gets series order

SW – Movies, TV & Games

  • Obi Wan’s Natalie Holt first female composer for SW
    • Ewan Open to more Obi-Wan
    • Kenobi rated 9+
  • Andor 3 seasons not 5…
  • Amy Henning is back 
  • Mangas 
  • Tales of the Jedi animated anthology
  • Charles Soule Strikes Back



  • MOTU Art of Netflix 
  • Dynamite Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids
  • Death Dealer
  • Blue Beetle Graduation Day
  • Predator #1 FINALLY!
  • Valiant Book of Shadows
  • George Perez Tribute
  • Frank Miller Productions



  • Twisted Metal Director 
  • Bone Canceled at Netflix 
  • Dune prequel details 
  • Mystery Incorporated
  • Iron Chef reboot
  • Cobra Kai S5 


  • Rise of the TMNT – 8/5
  • Streets of Rage 
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 
  • Bright 2 canceled 
  • Blair Witch reboot 
  • Ghostbusters Afterlife sequel “in the works” 
  • Hot Wheels from Bad Robot
  • Avatar: The Way of Water trailer
  • A Quiet Place Day One
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
  • The Killer remake



  • Jane Foster The Mighty Thor joining Avengers
  • Shredder’s Revenge this summer Details 
  • Ghostbusters VR 
  • Tales From The Borderlands 2 
  • D&D Onslaught
  • Chained Echoes
  • Outriders Worldslayer
  • Diablo Immortal 
  • COD WZ – Operation Monarch 
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Warcraft Arclight Rumble