DFAT Entertainment would like to talk to you about growth potential. Do you think you have it? Do you have what it takes? Can you take it? All of these questions have nothing to do with this episode but Casey was right when he said it should be the title. Chris of course is writing these words.

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RIP Olivia Newton John 


Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • Ironheart – First look at The Hood
  • Iron heart revealed by action figure 

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • DCU – Lets play CXL or Not CXL!!
    • Caped Crusader canceled 
    • Batgirl screening party
    • Shazam 2 & Aquaman 2 delayed
    • Henry Cavill rumored to be in Black Adam post-credits
    • The Batman multi year deal 
  • Idris Elba Teases “Big” DC Return
  • Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler is S3 official title

SW – TV, Movies & Games

  • John Boyega will not return to SW
  • Obi doc 9/8
  • Book of Boba s2?
  • FF – Deck-Building Game
  • Jedi: Battle Scars novel


  • John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1
  • DC Golden Age
  • Batman/The Joker: Deadly Duo




  • Nexstar acquires The CW
  • Cabinet of Curiosities 
  • Cobra Kai s5 trailer 
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan cast in The Boys S4
  • The Continental heading to Peacock
  • Rings of Power 9/1
    • Theater premiere 8/31
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 9/13
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm renewed for s12
  • First look at The Last of Us
  • Star Trek 
    • Star trek Day 9/8
    • Kelvin timeline rumor 
  • King Kong D+ James Wan


  • The Sumarian – 8/26
  • Sonic 3 – 12/20/24
  • MK – Snowblind
  • Viola Davis joins HG prequel 
  • Ferris Buller spinoff
  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery arrives on Netflix this December 23rd
  • Pinocchio debuts September 8th on Disney+
  • Hellraiser HULU 10/7
  • Halloween Ends day one Peacock 
  • Evil Dead Rise headed to theaters 4/21


  • New LOTR video game
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Dune MMO 
  • Tales from the Borderlands 
  • Killer Clowns
  • Dead Island 2


  • Matty Creations MOTU Origins made to order
  • Ghost Rider ML
  • DST Beta Ray Bill 
  • Spirit Halloween exclusive Funkos 
  • McFarlane Toys
    • Super Powers BWL & The Flash
    • Page punchers
    • Multiverse Dark Flash & Shazam 
    • Arkham BAF preorder 
    • First look Avatar Jake Sully 
  • GG KOTOR bastilla shan statue