Casey and Chris had faced wave after wave of enemies and there were plenty more on the way. Before the reinforcements arrived they thought they should probably record a podcast.

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RIP – Kevin Conroy, Jules Bass, Jason David Frank & Clarence Gilyard Jr


Bob Iger is back as Disney CEO


  • Blade director and writer
  • X-Men “very soon”
  • Vision D+
  • Yahya as Wonder Man
  • Aubrey Plaza cast in Agatha: Coven of Chaos
  • Silk series and more
  • Jenny Ortega is White Tiger in DD Born Again
  • VD as Kingpin in Spiderman freshman year
  • EA multi-video game deal


  • Cosmic GR 3/23


  • Safran and Gunn to lead DC Studios
  • Black Adam VOD 11/22, Blu-ray 1/3
  • Sandman renewed 
  • Antonio Campos to write Arkham show
  • Green Lantern Shakeup
  • Stargirl canceled

Star Wars

  • Sean Levy movie
  • Studio Ghibli Grogu
  • Andor going to TV

Star Trek

  • Picard S3 to also “continue” DS9 & Voyager
  • Short story collection




  • Night Fever 
  • Nemesis


  • Disney to take over Doctor Who
  • Liam Hemsworth taking over The Witcher
  • Crystal Lake Friday the 13th prequel series, Bryan Fuller
  • LOU 1/15  
  • Gears of War Netflix TV & movies
  • Indiana Jones D+ series? 
  • Welcome to Derry
  • National Treasure – 12/14
  • Tarantino TV


  • Evil dead rise – April 21. 
  • James wan and Jason Blum to combine 
  • GOT animated film 
  • Escape from NY from scream directors


  • The Witcher remake 
  • Witcher 3 12/14
  • Starship Troopers Extermination 
  • ACV The Last Chapter out now

Pursuit of Plastic